Oct 18, 2020
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Trump is going to build the world from a position of strength

US President Donald Trump said that the country has created new weapons and has become the most powerful militarily.

Speaking at a rally in Wisconsin, Trump said that no one in the world has weapons like the United States. According to him, Russia, China, North Korea and all other countries envy Washington.

“And we hope that we will never, never, God forbid, have to use it. But we will establish peace from a position of strength, ”TASS quotes Trump.

Earlier, he said that the United States is developing a "super-duper missile" that will be the fastest in the world. He also said that Washington already has hypersonic missiles, although the military has only reported prototype testing.

Russia in October tested the Zircon hypersonic missile. It was launched from the Admiral Gorshkov frigate of the Northern Fleet.

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