Jan 12, 2021
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Trump introduced an emergency regime in Washington before Biden’s inauguration

In order to ensure order in the American capital before the inauguration of the newly elected US President Joseph Biden, the current head of state announced the introduction of an emergency regime in Washington, follows from the White House message.

In addition, the politician sent the city federal aid necessary to respond to emergency circumstances related to the 59th inauguration of the president, which will take place on January 20.

As the press service of the American administration clarified, the emergency regime will last in Washington for two weeks, from January 11 to 24.

Recall that on January 6, supporters of Donald Trump staged riots in the capital of the United States, demonstrators broke into the building of Congress, thereby interrupting the meeting at which they were supposed to approve the results of the presidential elections held in November last year.

At least five people became victims of the protests in Washington, including a police officer, about a hundred protesters were detained, and criminal cases were opened.

Meanwhile, the FBI learned about new armed protests in the United States. According to the department, the demonstrations are planned at the buildings of legislative assemblies in 50 states, as well as near the Capitol.

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