Sep 14, 2020
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Trump expressed sympathy for the toughest leaders

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump spoke in an interview with American journalist Bob Woodward about his ability to get along best with the world's toughest leaders.

I got along very well with [Реджепом] Erdogan, although this was not supposed, because everyone around says: "What a terrible guy!" But, you know, for me this is a good indicator. Funny how the tougher and angrier the opponent, the better I get along with him., - quotes Axios Swap.

According to the US President, he is not so interested in more loyal and simple leaders. Woodward argues that Trump, in particular, was far from flattering about the South Korean leader, unlike the heads of Russia, North Korea and Saudi Arabia.

As wrote, the director of the MGIMO Center for Military-Political Studies, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Alexei Podberezkin, explained why US President Donald Trump called his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin a "world-class chess player." In the same way, the American leader "christened" Chinese President Xi Jinping and Turkish leader Recep Erdogan. According to him, the American president understands that the Russian Federation has achieved success over the past decades, which indicates the results of Putin's activities. The Russian leader has been in power for 20 years. And he, according to the expert, got the state, which was only symbolically a "country with sovereignty."

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