Apr 19, 2021
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Trump criticized Biden’s plan to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan

Former American leader Donald Trump criticized Joseph Biden’s plan to complete the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan by September 11, RIA Novosti reports.

“I would not want him to use 9/11 as the date for the withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan,” the Republican said, adding that there are two reasons.

First, Trump believes that due to the fact that the American contingent has been in Afghanistan “for too long, the United States can and should leave this country earlier.”

The politician stressed that while in the post of President of the United States, he provided the possibility of a quick withdrawal of troops. Trump explained that we are talking about reducing the contingent from 16 thousand to less than two thousand, as well as the withdrawal of American equipment from Afghanistan.

The second reason not to use this date, according to the Republican, is that it is associated with tragic events.

“This date must be remembered and honored as a sign of respect for everyone we lost that day,” Trump said and urged the Democrat to stick to the date he set as head of the White House.

Recall that the orderly withdrawal of the remaining American troops from Afghanistan should begin on May 1. It is scheduled to end by the 20th anniversary of a series of terrorist attacks in the United States, that is, by 11 September. At the same time, earlier, according to Washington’s agreements with the radical Taliban movement (banned in the Russian Federation), US forces had to completely leave Afghanistan by May 1.

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