Nov 17, 2021
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Trump calls the Taliban parade with US military equipment “a sad sight”

The former head of the White House, Donald Trump, called the Taliban parade with US military equipment “a sad sight”, TASS reports.

Last Monday, representatives of the radical Taliban * held a military parade in Kabul to demonstrate military equipment abandoned by the US military or captured from the army of the previous Afghan government.

According to Trump, the parade, which the Taliban held, showing them $ 85 billion worth of American equipment, was “a very sad sight.”

“The way the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan was carried out is the greatest shame in the history of our country,” he added.

We will remind that earlier Trump also demanded from the US Congress to investigate the circumstances of the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. He also called on the incumbent President Joe Biden to resign “in disgrace.”

* A terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation.

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