Jun 27, 2021
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Trump admitted that he tried "kill" "Nord Stream – 2"

Donald Trump spoke frankly about attempts to stop the construction of Nord Stream 2. He believes that he did everything possible for this, but Joe Biden did not continue his policy – and now America is in for ruin.

During a speech at a rally in Ohio, former US President Donald Trump accused his successor, Joe Biden, of “allowing” the completion of the Russian gas pipeline in Europe. Trump recalled that he himself did everything to end Nord Stream 2: “I imposed sanctions on them from top to bottom.”

At the same time, Biden simultaneously stopped the construction of a gas pipeline in the United States, thus destroying 48 thousand jobs, Trump emphasized. The former president is confident that by such methods the new president will lead the US economy to ruin.

Donald Trump also noted that, despite the sanctions, he managed to establish good relations with Russia, as well as with China. “This is good,” he commented on his interaction with Vladimir Putin.

The politician added that he has a good attitude towards the German Chancellor, “smart and tough” Angela Merkel – he also “gets along very well” with her. But he is outraged by the fact that Germany continues to pay Russia billions of dollars for the construction of the pipeline.

I said, “Angela, we are protecting you from the country that you give billions to. How does it work, Angela?” She just smiled

– said Trump.

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