Apr 9, 2021
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TRP and cosmonaut. Yuri Gagarin ran the 100m in 12.4 seconds

This date will be widely celebrated throughout the country. Among the festive events are space and sports.

“The day started with an hour’s charge”

In the Soviet Union, the TRP badge was the first step to space flight. Custom badge (gold) Yuri Gagarin got in school. He ran the 100-meter distance in 12.4 seconds and, despite being 157 cm tall, was the captain of the basketball team.

“Sport is extraordinarily generous and, it happens, gives you in the most difficult and even incredible life situations a surge of strength, endurance and energy that you need so much,” noted Gagarin. – I liked the game of basketball for its swiftness, liveliness and the fact that the spirit of collective competition always reigned in it. Throwing the ball into the basket on the move and from a jump developed the accuracy of the eye, accuracy and consistency of movements of the whole body. “

In addition to athletics and basketball, he was interested in tennis, water skiing and hockey. When the Nashi hockey team was created in Star City, Gagarin became captain there as well.

“Our working day began with an hour morning exercise. We practiced outdoors, in any weather, under the supervision of doctors. There were also special lessons in physical education: gymnastics, ball games, jumping into the water from a springboard and a platform, exercises on the bar and uneven bars, on a trampoline, with dumbbells. We swam and dived a lot, ”he wrote.

Nashi, Progress and Tsiolkovsky

The Nashi team was recreated in 2015. Today it includes four Heroes of the Russian Federation – cosmonauts Yuri Lonchakov Mikhail Tyurin, Sergei Zalyotin and Alexander Samokutyaev… The honorary captain is twice Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR Boris Volynov.

In honor of the 60th anniversary of the first manned flight into space and the 75th anniversary of hockey in Russia, the project “Play in the Nash team with cosmonauts!” Was launched in April. Its purpose is to form children’s interest in the history of cosmonautics, develop creative, athletic abilities and patriotic education of the younger generation.

Of course, the anniversary Cosmonautics Day will be celebrated in Kaluga, where he lived and worked Konstantin Tsiolkovsky… A festive physical culture and sports action “TRP complex in the cradle of cosmonautics” will take place here. One of the events is an entertaining quest game “Young Cosmonaut”, during which the participants will not only have to fulfill the standards of the complex, but also answer questions related to astronautics. All of them in the final will receive a corresponding certificate and a souvenir with the TRP-symbols. Prizes will be awarded by TRP ambassadors in the Kaluga Region: Honored Worker of Physical Culture of the Russian Federation Kardopolov Mikhail Ivanovich and master of sports of international class in ski jumping Kobelev Valery Vladimirovich

Among the participants, it is especially worth highlighting two schoolgirls. 14 year old Alexandra Pavlishak (a pupil of school number 24 already has a 3 rd grade golden insignia of the TRP) is now working on a project for an excursion “Kaluga space” in English. And the student of school number 5 Victoria Doronina – the great-granddaughter of Tsiolkovsky.

April 12 is also a special date for Samara. It was at the Kuibyshev plant “Progress” that the first and second stages of the rocket were manufactured, which launched the spacecraft with Yuri Gagarin into space.

Here, on the territory of the Samara Cosmic Museum and Exhibition Center, a solemn ceremony will be held to present the insignia of the TRP complex to participants who have fulfilled the standards for a gold badge in 2020. The event will be attended by employees of the Progress RCC, who are active participants in the TRP movement. This and rocket and space center rocket tester Anatoly Shepelev, and design engineer Yulia Fomicheva, which was repeatedly recognized as the athlete of the year at the “RCC” Progress “.

If we return to the topic of the TRP, then since the revival in 2014 of the legendary movement, 15 million Russians have managed to join it. It is assumed that by 2024 the number of participants involved in the implementation of the TRP standards will reach 24 million. The pace of construction of affordable infrastructure and training for the sports industry allows us to speak about possible growth prospects. These two areas are supervised by the federal project “Sport is the Norm of Life”, which is part of the national project “Demography”.

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