Sep 17, 2020
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Trolley robot takes over as a waiter

robot cart in a restaurantCustomers of the Mad for Garlic restaurant (Seoul, South Korea) are very interested in the new waiter who has recently started work.

robot cart in a restaurant

The machine, named "Aglio Kim", most of all resembles a cart, which is capable of serving up to four tables with guests at the same time. People just need to use a special touch screen and order the dishes they like, and after a while a robot will hurry to them, capable of carrying up to 30 kilograms, able to avoid collisions with obstacles, and also communicate with customers in Korean and English using the LCD screen and speakers ...

robot cart in a restaurant

The unusual waiter created by KT Corp serves primarily to minimize contact between restaurant employees and guests, which is very important in a pandemic. The manufacturer reportedly plans to continue making useful robots by supplying them to restaurants.

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