Jan 10, 2021
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Trinity, which cannot reach Putin. The blogger told about a cunning and simple maneuver

The blogger recalled how in 2017 Putin admitted that he did not use social networks. According to the Russian leader, he simply does not have time for this. When the working day ends, he thinks only about how to quickly get to bed.

Kolyasnikov noted that Putin’s disinterest in social networks has become more relevant today than ever, since Internet sites introduce political censorship, although in theory they should provide freedom of communication.

Because the president of a nuclear power and his channels of communication cannot depend on corrupt figures like Sundar Pichai (Google), Jack Dorsey (Twitter) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp), he writes.

Screenshot: Telegram / Sergey “Zergulio” Kolyasnikov

Earlier it was reported that most Western services, including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Discord, Instagram and Google, began to ban Trump’s page and delete messages from his supporters. Any report of election fraud or mention of the storming of the Capitol is interpreted as a violation of the rules of communication.

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