May 3, 2022
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Tricks and life hacks that professional athletes are silent about

Tricks and life hacks that professional athletes are silent about

When you start doing any kind of sport, not only because you are doing well, but for money, and very big ones, they will demand results from you at any cost. No, this is not about doping at all, but about legal, but not advertised tricks and tricks.

Desperate screams of tennis players

First, the blow occurs on the exhale, and the stronger and more violent the cry, the more powerful the movement. Secondly, the scream drowns out the sound of the racket hitting the ball and disorients the opponent, it is difficult for him to immediately calculate the pitch.

Football players wear “bras”

In fact, these are belts for trackers that monitor the player’s health parameters, his activity and position on the field in real time. Modern football is “smart”, decisions about tactics and substitutions are based on a lot of data.

Multi-colored ribbons in different places

In pursuit of a record, it is easy to overdo it, athletes get a lot of microtraumas in training. This tape fixes the muscles, restricts their movement, so as not to be injured again. According to which part of the body the tape is pasted, one can judge weak spots, therefore, “tricks” are often caught to distract the opponent.

Swimmers’ best friends are gelatin and petroleum jelly.

In a pile of splashes at the water level, faces are not visible, therefore, during synchronized swimming, they are generously painted with cosmetics, deliberately bright, “doll-like”. And so that the paint does not wash off, it is mixed with petroleum jelly. The same with hair – they coat it with gelatin and put dozens of hairpins so that the hairstyle stays in the water.

Cyclists relieve themselves on the go

During the cycling race, every minute counts, plus the tracks pass through different towns. Not everywhere there is an opportunity to stop on the sidelines, so the pros, without a twinge of conscience, urinate right on the go. The main thing is to ask a teammate to help you keep your balance.

Gymnasts don’t have a shoe standard

In dance numbers, with jumps, in shoes it is more convenient to move – it does not hurt so much. But when performing numbers on instruments, it is more important to feel the surface, to cling to it with your skin and fingers, so it is better to perform barefoot. Each athlete makes a decision based on her style.

Swimmers have two caps

The first hat made of soft latex, pleasant to the skin and hair. Glasses are put on it, and a second cap made of silicone is put on top. She holds them, plus it is a rough material without wrinkles, which reduces the friction of water.

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