Apr 23, 2022
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Treatment of thrush at home

Treatment of thrush at home

Undoubtedly, any disease must be eradicated from the body. Women’s diseases are usually the most dangerous for both the woman herself and her offspring. Never neglect your body’s signals.

If you notice signs of a gynecological disease, then immediately consult a doctor who will make you the necessary prescriptions. The most common and relatively safe female disease is candidiasis, in other words, thrush. What they talk about to us, almost every hour, advertisers from TV screens.

In medical circles, self-medication has never enjoyed good fame, and therefore, at the beginning of any disease, it is better to consult a specialist, and only after that, as a preventive measure and auxiliary means, treat the disease. Today we will tell you a few recipes of traditional medicine to combat thrush at home.

If the disease is detected at the initial stage, then such a procedure as douching can very well contribute to recovery. To do this, you need to prepare an infusion of one spoon of chamomile and two tablespoons of calendula, pour boiling water over everything and insist overnight. The same procedure can be done using tea tree oil mixed with any vegetable oil.

You can also prepare a miraculous decoction of oak bark, nettle roots, string and lavender in proportions of 3: 2: 1.5: 1. From the resulting collection, take a tablespoon and pour boiling water to insist for two hours, and then add boiling water again.

From thrush, you can take an infusion and inside the body. For example, such a recipe: pour crushed burdock roots into an enameled container, pour one tablespoon of the collection with one glass of boiling water, boil everything for ten minutes. Put in a warm place for half an hour, and after being ready, take a quarter cup three times a day, and you can also wash the affected areas of the body with this infusion.

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