Nov 3, 2021
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Travelers have found out which US state is the most successful for them

the most successful state in the countryNot so long ago, Jerry and Teresa Maples from North Carolina (USA) went on a tour of the country.

the most successful state in the country

The couple came up with the idea not only to admire nature and sights, but also to try to buy with a lottery ticket in each of the 11 states they visited. Nothing could have come of this venture at all, but fortune favored travelers. Jerry and Teresa found out that Virginia is the most successful state for them. It was there, in the city of Christianburg, that a husband and wife bought a Powerball lottery ticket, which brought them a prize of $ 2 million.

the most successful state in the country

The lucky couple said that they still do not quite believe in the reality of what happened. It remains only to congratulate them on such a successful trip.

All twenty lottery tickets bought by the lucky one turned out to be winning

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