May 27, 2022
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“Trash Kings” demand money

Photo: Eric Romanenko/TASS

“Suffered by sanctions” – a similar passage is now in vogue, any request for government money, especially large ones, is accompanied by this particular argument. Scavengers were no exception, under the pretext of increasing the price of auto parts, they want to receive 50 billion rubles from the state budget. Plus other “lament of Yaroslavna”. Say, they stopped paying for garbage collection and all that. About their deeds “garbage kings” prefer to keep quiet.

The so-called “Clean Country” association sent the Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko collective letter signed by the members of this organization. Say, we have a lot of foreign cars – MAN, Scania, Volvo and other cars – and the prices for spare parts have risen very much. Therefore, give money. A lot of. Already 50 billion rubles, less does not make sense.

It is worth noting that in recent days this is the second attempt by scavengers to raise their earnings. That is, super profits. Two days ago, the General Director of the Russian Environmental Operator (REO) Denis Butsaev said that tariffs could rise by another 5%.

“From the point of view of the cost of the service, it is under serious pressure from macroeconomic factors, factors of changing market conditions. In particular, we have experienced a serious rise in prices for municipal equipment, including spare parts, and there has been a serious change in the labor cost component. We currently see that the growth that may occur will be about 5% in tariffs within a year,” says Denis Butsaev.

About the “change in the component in the cost of labor” – it’s not even funny, no one even thinks of raising salaries. Everything else is blah blah – “the pressure of macroeconomic factors, market conditions” … Nothing.

And about spare parts – how to put it mildly, half-truth. According to the same REO, foreign cars, for which spare parts have risen in price, make up only 15% of the fleet. But mostly domestic cars work, with “consumables” and spare parts for which there are no problems. The same KamAZ does not stand idle, it produces trucks, so there is no problem to arrange “import substitution”. There would be money. And Russian scavengers have them. Huge.

And they do whatever they want. So, last week a draft law appeared in the State Duma proposing to appoint regional MSW operators without a competition. At the discretion of the authorities of the given subject of the federation. The height of cynicism. The declared purpose of the bill is to support the waste management industry in the face of sanctions.

Sanctions are practically everything for us. Anything can be written on them. Apparently, in this case, our money will be written off, which will go to the garbage “oligarchs”. Both in the form of tariff growth, and taxes paid by us, which go to the state budget. Everything is according to the classics: the rich will become richer, the poor – even poorer.

The annual turnover of the MSW market in Russia is more than 500 billion rubles, and this is only what the population pays. Organizations are torn at “special tariffs”, and each “excessive” garbage disposal costs citizens absolutely untold money. Depending on the region, a container with a volume of 8 cubic meters for construction waste (only removal – without loading!) Will cost 10-30 thousand rubles.

The costs of the “operators” are practically zero, only for the above-mentioned transport and for drivers. All ideas about the separate collection of MSW and their processing remained the same. Actually, the owners of the companies do not insist on this, they are already satisfied with everything. Surplus profits are earned, everything is fine.

At the same time, “garbage scandals” regularly shake the country. What happened in the northern capital was known to the whole country, but only because Sergei Shnurov. And the local “servant of the people” also deigned to snap back. He did not like it, not otherwise, he took it personally. And the whole problem was that the local authorities “changed” the regional operator. That is, they determined who would give more to the paw.

The landfill in Yadrovo stank throughout Russia, and in the Arkhangelsk region a local civil war almost broke out – the people against local officials. Actually, there are a lot of similar stories, in pursuit of super profits, the “garbage kings” are ready to pollute the whole country.

This is on the one hand. And on the other hand, by hook or by crook they try not to provide services for the removal of MSW – they “save”. But they do charge well.

“In our village, the garbage site was liquidated, in a number of neighboring settlements, too. Say, at our own request. Tried to complain – to no avail. Take it to where there are sites. By car or otherwise, we don’t care. And you are obliged to pay, if you don’t pay, we’ll recover in court, through bailiffs, ”says a resident of the Moscow Region.

Through acquaintances in the local administration, people managed to find out that the operating company reduced the number of garbage truck runs, and the authorities liquidated the sites for this. At the same time, the fee remained at the same level, although the utility service is not provided. And they fight mercilessly: an average of 500-800 rubles from each house per month!

To achieve otherwise is realistic only in court, moreover, having spent a lot of time and effort. Yes, you can, but it’s very difficult. And it’s not a fact that in a month everything will not return to normal. And they can even “send”. Here is a rather notorious case.

“AquaLine LLC believes that the official sources and legal platforms publishing the decision of the Supreme Court quite freely interpreted it, believing that the complete absence of those living in the apartment is a special case of the temporary absence of the consumer, which certainly entails the recalculation of fees for the treatment of MSW. LLC “AquaLine” will continue to accrue in accordance with the current legislation, and in the event of a debt, it will apply to the court for the enforcement of debt collection. If the consumer does not agree, then he has the right to go to court, ”said the official representative of the company.

But the fact was that the person did not live in the apartment, it was empty. And there were documents stating that he was in a different place, where he honestly paid for the removal of solid waste. However, the scavengers are not interested. In most regions, the contracts are drawn up in such a way that even in winter you have to pay for garbage collection from a summer cottage. As you might guess, local officials helped the “operators” here with might and main.

Russian scavengers have lobbied for such a predatory system, which simply has no analogues in the whole world. And they clearly do not intend to stop there. And the situation with the demand for 50 billion rubles is a clear confirmation of this.

Municipal waste lawlessness is far from new, just like all other violations of the so-called “MSW operators”. They start talking about the problem only when it stinks all over the country. And so silent. All is well, beautiful marquise!

And it will be even better. In Russia, a federal state information system for accounting for MSW will soon appear. The aforementioned REO company was entrusted with doing it. For government account. As a rule, the cost of such projects is estimated at billions of rubles and is repeatedly adjusted upwards. So soon we will have to pay even more.

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