Sep 21, 2020
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Translation of registry office archives will cost the budget more than 1.7 billion rubles

The Cabinet of Ministers will allocate more than 1.7 billion rubles from the reserve fund for the translation into Russian of civil registration records (ZAGS) since 1926.

Translation is needed to complete the digitalization of documentation. Some of the documents will be translated from Arabic, Tatar and Old Mongolian languages ​​by professionals of the relevant specialization, transfers TASS.

In a number of subjects of the Russian Federation there are records of acts of civil status drawn up in languages ​​other than Russian (national, foreign). In this regard, to convert these civil status records into the form of an electronic document, their preliminary translation into Russian is required.- says the draft order of the Cabinet.

The amount of 1.75 billion rubles is calculated from the average cost of translation services for one act entry approved by the Ministry of Justice. Since the documents have historical significance and require a special storage regime, the calculation of the amount of subventions also includes the cost of the translator's visit to the registry office where they are located.

As wrote earlier, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has developed a draft order that allows obtaining a birth certificate of a child in electronic form. Inna Svyatenko, the head of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy, believes that this proposal is in line with the digitalization process.

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