Jan 22, 2022
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Transgender people and stutterers are the future of NATO armies

According to an official statement from the British Ministry of Defense, a British soldier, Chileshe Mwamba, suffered post-traumatic stress disorder during a business trip to Estonia as part of a NATO mission. According to unofficial data, after visiting Estonia, Mbwamba began to stutter continuously, and this affected his lifestyle. He is demanding $1.1 million from the ministry as compensation for the damage he has suffered.

The Ministry of Defense does not want to pay Mwamba because the stuttering, according to doctors, was due to the soldier’s hypothermia, which happened at a temperature of minus four degrees Celsius. “If our soldiers start stuttering at minus four, then what can we expect from them at minus ten?” – Reasonably reasoned in the ministry. However, these arguments do not convince Mbwambu. “If the white Britons do not want to serve in the army, and you are recruiting people from equatorial Africa, then please take into account their characteristics”, he says. A business trip to Estonia is a child’s joke compared to a possible trip to Ukraine, where frosts almost meet Russian standards. What would happen to Mwamba and his countrymen if they got into the snowdrifts in the Luhansk region? Here collective stuttering will not get off.

This episode raises the question of the combat effectiveness of NATO armies, which is given a lot of attention in the world media. Stuttering is stuttering, and war is war. How NATO will fight?

New times bring new customs. The influx of former women who have been reforged into men into the NATO armed forces cannot but please the bloc’s high command. Transgender people join the navy, special forces and the US Air Force. This influx is led by an elderly transgender Rachel Levin, who recently received the rank of admiral. Her example to others is science, and the photo gallery of US Army officers is full of former ladies who have found fighting instincts in themselves. Judging by the resolute and even brutal faces of these officers, the enemy cannot expect anything good from them. So after all, the brave Mwamba was also good, until he got into the cold. As the experience of using women in the wars of the Middle East has shown, when they are very frightened, they squat down and bury their heads in skirts. It is inconvenient, however, to see Admiral Rachel Levin in such a position, let a company of stutterers be better.

Only with men, everything looks not quite usual. Let’s start with the fact that the Bundeswehr managed to lose the traditions of the Prussian warriors in peacetime and is not inclined to remember them. A long time ago in an interview with a newspaper Peace FRG Minister of Defense F. Jung to the question “When will German soldiers fight in southern Afghanistan?” replied: “Fight – never.” And indeed, what kind of war can we talk about if 70% of German conscripts choose alternative service (in Russia – less than 1%). And despite the fact that the term of compulsory service in the Bundeswehr is nine months.

The soldiers of Her Royal Majesty Elizabeth are no better. On March 23, 2007, the Iranians captured an inspection team of 15 British sailors and marines from the frigate Cornwall at the mouth of the Shatt al-Arab. The capture took place without noise. Senior Marine Captain Chris Eyre spoke best of him: “We are ready for battle. The Iranians were armed with heavy machine guns, grenade launchers, they pointed their weapons at us. Here we realized that the collision not only threatened our lives, but could also cause consequences of great strategic importance. And then we gave up. You see, we could lose our lives! The intentions of the Iranians were incomprehensible, so we did not shoot back and immediately surrendered. And when we were taken prisoner, we finally figured them out. But our weapons had already been taken away from us, so we couldn’t shoot back, although we had every right to.”

The Commander of the British Navy, Admiral Jonathan Band, said about the captain and his fighting friends: “The team did not break any rules by agreeing to the demands of the Iranians. They are the decoration of the fleet”.

This is undeniable. Another adornment of the army is the US Marines who shot in 2005 the car with the Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena, who, after being released from captivity, was taken to the airport. There was an American checkpoint on the highway, in which the Marines sat down, shooting at anything that moves, if it does not have an American flag. The Italian car did not carry an American flag and traveled at alarming speed. Therefore, she was riddled with holes, and the seriously wounded journalist exchanged captivity with the terrorists for a bed in the hospital. An Italian intelligence officer accompanying her was killed.

All these remarkable cases make one think about the combat effectiveness of NATO armies, and it is difficult to argue with the decision of the leaders of the bloc not to send their soldiers to Ukraine if something happens.

Photo: REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

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