Apr 29, 2021
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Transgender daughter Efremova plans to become an uncle in six years

The 19-year-old daughter of artist Mikhail Efremov, who calls herself Sergei, said that she was on the path of transgender transition and would never leave it.

Transgender daughter Efremova plans to become an uncle in six years

In a documentary film for the Premier platform, Anna Maria said that many do not understand what is happening to her and refer to her as if she were a young lady, which makes her dislike.

“They tell me in detail that I’ll play enough, give birth to a baby, find a faithful with a huge penis and I will have a wonderful traditional family,” said the daughter of Mikhail Efremov.

However, such statements make Maria want to “argue with people for a bottle of whiskey”, as if, in her words, “nothing will change.”

Efremov’s daughter stressed that she intends to make an absolute transition at the age of 25, but she does not plan to do surgery on the genitals.

“At the moment, operations are not performed without loss of sensitivity and functionality of the genitals,” said Anna Maria Efremova. She explained that the risks are unnecessarily great and that hormone replacement therapy will be required. In addition, Mary fears a second puberty and changes.

Earlier in the studio of the program “Stars converged” daughter of Mikhail Efremov stated that she should be addressed by the name Aem Tillmari and the pronoun “he” should be used. She said that in her youth she diagnosed herself with mental illnesses, which, in her opinion, arose due to the relationship of the mother to her.

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