Jul 28, 2020
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Traditions of the Chuvash people

Traditions and customs of the Chuvash associated with the worship of spirits of nature, farming, the seasons, family and continuity of generations. Today the population of the Chuvash Republic is a modern democratic people who dress up fashionable, active use of the achievements and benefits of technological progress. They respect and honor their culture and historical memory, passed from generation to generation.

Traditions and customs of the Chuvash Republic

Several generations in one house

Family is the main value for each of Chuvash, so family values are revered sacred. In Chuvash families, spouses have equal rights. Welcome residence of several generations in one house, so a family where grandparents, their grandchildren living under one roof and run a joint household, are not uncommon.

The older generation especially revered. Child and adult will never use the word "mother" in a sarcastic, humorous, and even more offensive context. Parents are Holy.

Help with your grandchildren

The birth of a child is a great joy, baby's gender does not matter. Grandparents also help parents with upbringing of children – the grandchildren are in their care up to 3 years. When the child grows up, the elders bring him to the house.

In the villages almost no orphans, because the village families are willing to adopt the child, conscientious objector, or who lost their parents.


Minaret is a system of inheritance by which the estate passes to the younger children. The Chuvash tradition extends to the younger sons.

They are reaching the age of majority, continue to live with his parents, helping on the farm, with cattle, participate in the planting of orchards and the harvest, other daily Affairs.

Minaret in Chuvash Republic

Wedding dresses

The family begins with a wedding that play is fun, in a big way. People from different regions of Russia come to see this action. According to the national custom, the groom in a solemn day should be embroidered in the shirt and coat, belted with a blue sash. Sometimes the sash is green.

On her head was a fur hat with a coin, shod young man in boots. The national costume at all times of the year. Remove the hat and coat to the groom forbidden – need to go to them until after the wedding.

Wedding traditions in Chuvash Republic

Solemn the bride's outfit consisted of a shirt, apron, embroidered Bathrobe. Head decorated with a hat, hand embroidered with beads and silver coins. On the shoulder – a special cloak, decorated with silver coins, arms and neck – multiple decorations.

Jewelry so much that they often weighed more than 2-3 lbs. And the whole outfit delayed by 15 kg and more. The coins were sewn not just – at the movement they made melodious chime, heralding the approach of the bride.

Wedding customs

Many ancient traditions meet in the Chuvash weddings today. Among them – the meeting of the bridegroom.

  • Guests and relatives of bride gather at her house waiting for the groom at the gate. Meet him, as expected, with bread and salt, and even beer.
  • In the yard in advance to be served to the guests all arrived the wedding motorcade for him to sit down, to drink to the health of the young.
  • The wedding is celebrated for two days. The first fun day held at the bride's home, on the second day invited to move to the parental home of the bridegroom.
  • In the morning after the wedding, the bride wearing a hush-PU – headdress, which is worn by married ladies.

Wedding Chuvash customs

Lamentations, and mourning,

Lamentation is another distinctive rite. In some ethnic groups it is relevant now. The girl, leaving the parental home, already dressed in her wedding dress, to sing a sad song with lamentations. Crying symbolizes leaving the parental home and the beginning of adult life.

The first song begins to wail elder sister or married a relative, then they are joined by the bride.

Tribute to crying

This ceremony is a continuation of the previous one. During crying, the bride hugging friends and relatives, as if saying goodbye. Every man approaching her, she held out the bucket of beer. In his guest threw coins.

A tribute to the weeping lasted for several hours, after which she took the coins, put them in his bosom. All this time, guests danced, amuse the hero of the occasion. Then the bride was taken to the house of the chosen one.

A day of mourning in Chuvash Republic

Without songs and dances

In the Chuvash weddings the couple sang and danced. It was believed that singing and dancing, the newlyweds will be frivolous marriage. His wife and him will not be easy.

To sing and have fun the bride and groom could when for the first time after marriage came to the house of father-in-law, but now as guests.

Today the celebrants everywhere violate strange tradition. Immediately after the ceremony they perform mating dance, and then get together with guests.

Strengthening marriages

Three days after the wedding and dinner the newly made wife does not have to clean the house – dirty work these days performs relatives. The young wife thanked her with gifts. The seven gifts after marriage, the daughter should give her mother in law.

In the first year of intermarried families often came to visit each other. This is done with a single purpose – to establish contact and strengthen the relationship.

Chuvash family

A week after the wedding the couple come to visit to test. Three weeks later – a follow-up visit to him, and after 6 months, are coming for a visit already 12 people: the young couple, relatives of her husband.

The duration of the last visit is 3 days. With treats, conversations, songs, dances. The young family received the remainder of the dowry in this coming – livestock.

The relationship is one of the best and piously revered traditions of the Chuvash. Perhaps that is why families have strong representatives of the people, divorces are much less likely than other nationalities living in Russia and understanding and the link between generations is not an empty sound.

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