May 4, 2022
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Traditions of the British Royal Family

Some consider the traditions of the British royal family to be strange quirks, while others find logic and common sense in them. But both the first and the second learn about them with genuine interest during tours of London and Buckingham Palace. The guides talk about them in different ways, trying to embellish and add something of their own for gullible tourists, so sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what is true and what is an exaggeration. Therefore, you can independently learn about the traditions and customs of this world-famous family.

Traditions of the British Royal Family


The Queen is very stable in her passions. Its chefs know this best. For decades, the same set has been prepared for her breakfast. Surprisingly, these are not some frills, but the simplest products: corn flakes, nuts and dried fruits. Despite the fact that you do not need to cook on your own, moderation is a hallmark of the royal couple, which they sacredly cherish.

Royal breakfast

Food taboos

Dinner is not so concise, but there are special requirements for it. There are several rules that will not deviate under any circumstances:

  1. Potato, pasta and rice dishes should not appear on the table.
  2. The queen does not tolerate the smell of garlic, so there is no such seasoning in any dish, either fresh or dry. Remembering the longevity of Her Highness, even she herself often jokes about this, because vampires are afraid of garlic.
  3. Fresh oysters can be a source of food poisoning, which is why such an elite dish never appears during receptions and traditional dinners.
  4. Meat with blood is also not favored here, and again out of concern for health and the danger of infection.

As you can see, it is not in vain that Elizabeth II feels great at a venerable age, because she is clearly not one of those who do not care about her diet.

Dress code

The Royal Family of Great Britain preaches simplicity, but no one will be missed for dinner in a simple and ordinary outfit. Formal attire is required, as at diplomatic receptions. Repeatedly, this approach has justified itself, because the paparazzi are constantly trying to spy on the personal lives of the highest persons in Great Britain, so that they can then replicate it in the tabloids. But no one can be taken by surprise here.

Royal dress code


All representatives of the royal family are real ladies and gentlemen, because they set an example for the population of 16 states, whose monarch is Elizabeth II. Therefore, after use, the napkins must be folded in half so that the dirt is not visible to others.

Not a piece without a queen

If Her Majesty is not eating at the table, everyone present also does not eat and does not serve food. In order not to goof off, you always need to look at the royal grandmother with one eye. The fact that the meal is about to be over is indicated by the royal handbag placed on the table. By this she warns that in five minutes she will get up and leave. In these remaining five minutes, you need to finish everything that was planned, because then it will not work out.

About cups and fingers

Drinking tea in the presence of royal people is also not so easy. Traditionally, they have a cup handle to hold with the thumb and forefinger, and to support the bottom with the middle one. If you think it’s easy, you can try it yourself. You will find that you need skill and a very small cup, especially if your hand is small, like the Queen of Great Britain.

royal tea party

In addition, the fair sex should always take a sip in the same place on the rim, so as not to stain everything with lipstick.

Faithful companion

For many years, Elizabeth’s faithful companion was her husband Prince Philip, who always had to follow her. At the same time, he did not hold her by the arm, but walked exactly 2 steps behind her. Of course, it was necessary to adhere to this custom only in public. After the death of her husband, Her Majesty walks alone, but says that she feels that that reliable friend who was always there is invisibly walking behind her back.


Members of the royal family are not allowed to choose their religion. Since 2011, the strict requirement to marry exclusively with Catholics has been simplified, but the representatives of this family themselves must remain faithful to the Anglican Church.

Religion of the royal family

Defense of modesty

Ladies from this family do not have the right to sit with their legs crossed. Let such a privilege remain with fans of Sharon Stone and commoners, and ladies of royal origin should keep their knees firmly together. If at the same time the muscles are very stiff, you can cross your ankles and tilt your knees to the side. The butler of Prince Charles once explained this with a very precise phrase: “This is how they protect their modesty.”


A fact that causes indignation among many law-abiding citizens: the queen does not need a license to drive a car. In the same way, she will not be deprived of these same rights for an offense. Theoretically, she can be a malicious violator of traffic rules, and she will get nothing for it. But that’s what royal dignity is for, so as not to abuse her privileges: Elizabeth does not drive, and if she did, then it would be with all the precautions. The self-discipline of this woman and high demands on herself have long been known to others.


The heirs of the royal family never travel together, traditionally they always get to their destination by different cars, plane flights or trains. This requirement is related to their safety. If something happens to one, the other will remain safe and sound.

Flight of the royal family

Apparently, in order to thicken the colors even more, they must always take a set of mourning black clothes with them. This is necessary in case you suddenly have to attend a funeral.

No autographs

Some of the royal traditions of England are difficult to explain in terms of logic. For example, Her Majesty does not have the right to give autographs to her subjects. You can smile, talk, look straight into your eyes, but do not offer a pen and a piece of paper for an autograph!


Thousands of people are at the events at Buckingham Palace at the same time, and according to the protocol, those invited do not have the right to give gifts, and even more so to touch the Queen. But sometimes Elizabeth II decides that rules are for breaking them. This happened when a mother with two children from Ireland wanted to personally give her favorite a gift.

The guards and escorts explained to the woman that the idea was doomed to failure, but the monarch decided to ignore the royal traditions of Great Britain this time, so she accepted the gift with gratitude and a smile on her lips. Some time later, she again violated this rule when meeting with Michelle Obama, who hugged her new acquaintance with such a high status. Elizabeth was pleased with such a warm welcome and hugged the first lady of the United States in response.

Elizabeth II and Michelle Obama

well deserved day off

Official receptions are one of the main duties of the people of Windsor. But on their birthday, they take a day off to spend it in the circle of their closest and dearest without having to smile at the cameras. Similarly, they refuse invitations to birthday events. Although sometimes you have to go against the rules. For example, a few years ago, on her birthday, Meghan Markle still went to a friend’s wedding. Prince William also had to spend his birthday at the opening of a rehabilitation center, and this nobility was highly appreciated by the British.


If on a regular birthday, the Windsors prefer solitude and peace, then the approach to anniversaries is completely different. For example, 70 years of Charles and 90 years of Elizabeth were celebrated almost the entire year. The British love their monarchs, so they never get tired of honoring them for so long.

Attempt #2

The Queen of Great Britain celebrates her birthday twice: the first – real – on April 21, and the second – on the second Saturday of June. The tradition began under George II, who rightly decided that in November, when he was born, it was not very convenient to celebrate because of bad weather. He chose a day in the summer when everyone would be warm and comfortable.

Birthday of the English Queen

It is on this “appointed” day that mass events take place: members of the royal family come to the palace in carriages, go up to the balcony to watch the parade of cavalry troops and the performance of the Air Force forces.

Top notch thrift

British royal tradition in the UK rarely smacks of profligacy, but Prince Charles has bypassed everyone in this matter. By his decree, samples of the materials of his suits are kept in case they need to be repaired. Some flaps and cuts lie for more than 30 years. In his opinion, it is better to restore an old suit than to pay for a new one. It is not shameful for the prince to appear in the same one several times, sometimes even many times. He thinks it’s shameful to waste taxpayers’ money. Such a point of view cannot but deserve respect.

Elizabeth is not inferior to him in frugality: the whole environment knows that she always turns off the light behind her when leaving the room.


Most rituals and traditions are associated with the weddings of members of the British royal family:

  1. The marriage must be approved by Elizabeth II. This is not just a nod of the head in agreement, but an official document with a signature and seal.
  2. The groom’s attire is a military uniform.
  3. Myrtle is always present in a wedding bouquet.
  4. Guests and newlyweds only try the cake, and a large piece goes to the auction. The proceeds are redirected to charity.

royal wedding

Particular attention is paid to the bride’s dress. A prerequisite is the presence of a tiara or veil. You can not wear something short, bare your arms, etc. Not every bride agrees to follow these instructions. Therefore, two outfits are traditionally prepared: one for the official part, the second for the celebration in a closer circle.

Funeral rehearsals

Not the most joyful custom, but English pedantry requires careful preparation for such important events. The Cabinet of Ministers is preparing everything necessary in advance, it is already known that mourning after the death of the queen will last 10 days. After that, the plan is implemented for the arrival in Buckingham of 600 members of the Privy Council, who will vote to approve the receipt of the title of monarch of the heir. These rehearsals apply to everyone except Elizabeth II herself. She skips the rehearsals of her funeral with a pure soul!

Christmas presents

Christmas gifts in the UK are given and opened on December 26th. But the tradition of the royal family comes from Germany, where the unboxing begins on the evening of the 24th. Knowing this feature, all official gifts are sent so that they have time to arrive before this date.

Monarchs tree

For 140 years now, at Christmas, all family members go to Sandringham, where they stay for the holiday. To enter this event, you must be a member of the family. Elizabeth rents a whole carriage to get there. There is a special ritual regarding seniority: the higher the status of the guest, the later he arrives at the place.

royal christmas tree

On Christmas Eve, everyone decorates the tree together. There is a special relic on it – glass angels, with which Queen Victoria decorated the Christmas tree.

“Secret” pregnancies

Bearing heirs is a serious and responsible business. Since ancient times, in order to avoid attempts at pregnancy, someone from the royal family should not have known the courtiers and other people. It remained a mystery behind seven seals until a three-month period. An exception was made only for Kate Middleton. Such a measure was dictated by severe toxicosis, which did not allow the woman to appear even at official events, where she was ordered to be on protocol.

Without pants

Unusual traditions apply not only to adults. So, in the family of British monarchs, factory-made diapers are prohibited. You can only use diapers, as our grandmothers did.

But even as they get older, children continue to be hostages to unusual rules. Until the age of eight, offspring of the British royal family are forbidden to wear pants. Instead, they wear shorts, and it doesn’t matter if it’s cold or hot outside. Therefore, the heirs, chilled from dampness in the photo in autumn in shorts, are not frivolity, but a tribute to traditions.

Prince George

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