Jun 23, 2022
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Traditional values ​​dissolved in Zelensky’s European ambitions

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky (Photo: ZumaTASS)

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky recently signed the scandalous Istanbul Convention of the Council of Europe, which is also called the LGBT Tomos. The full title of the document sounds beautiful – “On the Prevention of Violence Against Women.” But in fact it is only a verbal façade.

The real purpose of the convention is the destruction of the institution of the traditional family, the church and, in general, the entire system of social ties. Since, first of all, on legal grounds, it promotes the interests and rights of representatives of the LGBT community – i.e. those principles that in any healthy society are considered a perversion.

In particular, the biological concept of “sex” in it is replaced by the social concept of “gender”, the concept of a third and even a fourth gender is introduced. Transgenderism and homosexuality are established as norms. Even among children. Because the states that have signed the convention are obliged to allow LGBT propaganda, including in the education system.

Thus, now, after Zelensky, with the approval of the Verkhovna Rada, put his signature under the document, the idea will be promoted in schools and even kindergartens in Ukraine that a person, regardless of nature, can choose his gender himself: boys can become girls and vice versa.

Man and woman no longer exist as something unshakable. The concepts of “father” and “mother” are destroyed.

By the way, Russia and Azerbaijan have not joined the convention. Bulgaria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia and the United Kingdom have not ratified it either. And Turkey, which, in fact, gave the document its name and was the first to sign it, last year withdrew from the agreement with the rationale: “the original goal of protecting women’s rights was seized by a group of people trying to normalize homosexuality, which is incompatible with the country’s social and family values” . Poland also recently initiated the exit process.

But Zelensky, apparently, is ready for anything, just to be considered a full-fledged European. That is why he hastened to sign the convention just before the summit in Brussels, where on June 23-24 the issue of granting Ukraine the status of a candidate country for joining the European Union will be considered.

How do you refuse? After all, he does not just share “European values”, he also learned to hide the true essence of these “values” behind the right words, as is now customary in the Western political establishment.

From Zelensky’s statement on a social network, for example, it follows that women must be protected from violence and various forms of discrimination, and human life and health is generally the highest value.

Which in this case is not even a hypocritical half-truth, but a cynical brazen lie. Because it is he, Zelensky, who gives orders to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the national battalions to kill women, children and the elderly in the Donbass.

To comment on the introduction of Ukraine to the new “rainbow” values, “SP” asked member of the Council for Interethnic Relations under the President of Russia, political scientist and historian Bogdan Bezpalko:

“This, of course, is another act of surrendering Ukraine to the Western community. Only not in a military or geopolitical sense, but in a mental, moral, spiritual sense.

On the whole, of course, the Istanbul Convention only brings harm. It brings destruction to heterosexual relationships. The traditional family as such. All moral and ethical conservative values ​​on which human society is based.

First of all, these principles, embedded in the Istanbul Convention, in a number of other international organizations, they are aimed at reducing the population. To ensure that a person turns into a kind of economic animal that has no past, no language, culture, religion, which is occupied with only one thing – consumption. He doesn’t even have a family.

That is, by and large, these are efforts aimed at dehumanizing a person.

By the way, among all these norms is the law on so-called domestic violence. Because it is actually also aimed at the destruction of the family. International experience shows that, firstly, this law does not reduce violence within families. Secondly, it only leads to the fact that people refuse to create their own families.

That is, it seems that the goals are good, but in reality everything turns out to be exactly the opposite. And for Zelensky, inclusion in this convention is just another option for integrating into the West.

“SP”: – The fact is that even the West did not set such a condition for him. In any case, the package of requirements that Ukraine must fulfill in order to become a candidate for the EU does not include the ratification of the Istanbul Convention…

— You see, there is such a thing in the Western media as self-censorship. Not a single editor sets any conditions for journalists, but a journalist knows perfectly well what topics can be written on and which ones cannot. Which states and personalities can be praised, which ones cannot. Where you can say anything at all, and where you can’t. If this rule is violated, then such journalists will be expelled from the profession. And then the person simply will not be hired anywhere.

It’s all liberal with us: today you work for one newspaper, you don’t like it, you move to another. And there the market is divided between giant transnational corporations that control most of the media. And if you were expelled for violating this rule of self-censorship in one media, then you will not get a job in another, maybe only in some marginal one.

Same here. What Zelensky is doing is the same auto-censorship rules. He knows that the West needs it, that the West is waiting for it.

The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine has already distributed a book authored by a New Zealand writer Katie O’Neill “Two Princesses” about two lesbian girls. It was recommended for children of preschool and primary school age.

Do you think it can serve to strengthen the family? I think not. But this was done long before Zelensky’s steps to sign the Istanbul Convention.

“SP”: – Now it will be a legislative norm. How interesting, will society perceive this as an achievement on the way to Europe? Or will people still resist?

“Part of Ukrainian society has gone mad. And he will perceive everything that is connected with the West, with Europe, as a blessing.

The LGBT theme is already being actively promoted there. Even among the military, they already have a special chevron with a unicorn. Thematic videos are shot as two Ukrainian gay soldiers meet after separation, how they kiss and hug. Who is the “husband” and who is the “wife” is difficult to understand.

Getting ready to hold a gay pride parade soon. All this is being swayed precisely as part of the West, which “must, can and protects” Ukraine from the “terrible Russian aggressor”.

And the other part of society, it just can’t do anything. Moreover, this applies not only to Ukraine, but also to the West as a whole.

For example, a German comedian from East Germany faces three years for speaking flatteringly about Russia. In the Czech Republic and Latvia, in my opinion, there is even a special article that allows a person to be imprisoned simply for making a loyal statement about Russia. In the Czech Republic – for five years, and in Latvia – even more.

Here Alexandru Dubiagowho simply came on May 9 with a Russian flag to the monument to the Liberators in Victory Park in Riga, is now facing a long prison term for “justifying genocide.”

In Latvia, indeed, it is forbidden to demonstrate other people’s flags. But now all of Latvia is festooned with Ukrainian flags, in defiance of its own laws. And the violation there was punishable by a fine, not imprisonment, and was not considered a “justification for genocide.”

Norway is not far behind. But in terms of protecting sexual minorities. So there is a law according to which a non-complementary statement about the LGBT community in the media and social networks can be punished by imprisonment from three to five years. That is, I wrote a comment on the blog, they come to me, and they imprison me for this article for up to five years.

So, this is a general trend, unfortunately. And many people would like to oppose it, but they cannot.

Older cases are also remembered. In the United States, for example, they tried to prosecute the owner of a private bakery who refused to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. But this is a private bakery. I do not want and do not bake – this is my right. No, she was judged…

“SP”: – If Biden recently boasted that there are more “blue” and “pink” in his administration than in all previous administrations combined, it is not surprising …

Yes, there are many normal people. But unfortunately they can’t do anything. Because the levers of control are in the hands of those people, those corporations that have set as their goals, firstly, the reduction of the population on the planet. And secondly, the transformation of the remaining population into such economic animals that will have nothing – no past, no culture, no country, no history, no language. There will be no family, beliefs, religion. There will not even be a gender: today he is a boy, tomorrow a girl, the day after tomorrow he is non-binary. They have already invented fifty of these genders.

But such people are very easy to manage. Everything has already been described Aldous Huxley in his novel Brave New World. This is the society that transnational corporations want to build.

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