Oct 18, 2021
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Tormented by Narzan

Tormented by Narzan

A real scandal – the Kavminvod sanatoriums, as it turned out, followed the path of some dishonest doctors. They are, in fact, falsifying the treatment and slipping tap water to clients instead of mineral water.

The Accounts Chamber caught the sanatoriums of the Caucasian Mineral Waters in replacing the unique mineral water in the baths with tap water. But clients go to the sanatoriums of Pyatigorsk, Kislovodsk, Essentuki and Zheleznovodsk specifically for local life-giving water and pay very substantial money for this. Judging by the conclusions of the auditors, it turns out that the state company “Kavminkurortresursy” has gone and banal deceives the people. And many sanatoriums followed the path of Ostap Bender, who was selling tickets to the famous Pyatigorsk Proval.

During the audit, the auditors came to the conclusion that the main local subsoil user “Kavminkurortresursy” does not want to work, and all his efforts are aimed only at shaking out as much money as possible from the guests of the resorts. Thus, the explored and estimated reserves of mineral water in the Kavminvody account for more than 42% of the total in the region, and for curative mud – more than 43%. However, deposits of medicinal mud have been developed by less than 1%, and mineral water – by about 15%.

At the same time, in the opinion of the Accounts Chamber, control and accounting for the extraction of mineral water and balneological mud is very bad. This means that our nimble resort officials, most likely, are selling mineral water and healing mud somewhere and get quite a lot of money for it. At the same time, sanatoriums are left without raw materials, and the state – without taxes.

With the constant growth in recent years in the number of vacationers in the Kavminvod sanatoriums, the supply of medical products to the sanatorium and dispensary is constantly decreasing. From 2019 to 2021, the number of water supply contracts decreased by 31%, and in monetary terms – by 75%, to 92.9 million rubles.

It is not surprising that in the therapeutic baths of many Kavminvod sanatoriums, the auditors found instead of the mineral water declared in the plan for treating patients, tap water with substitutes. Simply put, these are minerals in powder that are then dissolved in water. With the same success, you can buy this “dry ration” and pour into the bath at home. Why then go for treatment “on the water”, as the oldest health resort in Russia has been called since the time of Alexander the First ?!

Meanwhile, patients pay for a day of accommodation and treatment with mineral water and mud in the sanatoriums of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, judging by the advertising of these same sanatoriums and boarding houses on the Internet, from 5,000 to 11,300 rubles per day, depending on the stardom and fame of the sanatorium. Not bad for a set of water-soluble substitutes, isn’t it?

Another problem the auditors of the Accounting Chamber named the condition of the pipes through which mineral water is supplied to the sanatoriums. Pumprooms with mineral water are located right on the territory of health resorts, which attracts vacationers. But the mineral growers were 70% worn out. And the special machine, which is used for the extraction of medicinal mud on Lake Tambukan, has already worn out by 100%. The dredger is working at its maximum capacity and can stall at any moment.

To change the situation, according to the Accounts Chamber, it is possible due to the construction of thermal baths. But a site suitable for the creation of the complex at the Zheleznovodsk deposit is located in the first zone of sanitary protection. And this issue must be resolved at the legislative level.

Olga Poplavskaya.


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