Nov 19, 2021
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Top 7 romance novels for girls to spend time on

Top 7 romance novels for girls to spend time on

Top 7 romance novels for girls to spend time on

Romantic literature never went out of style. Plots about gender relations were read centuries ago and, presumably, will be read for a very long time. The stream of books on this kind of topic is huge.

If you look at the website at, you will notice that romance has a significant place in the huge collection of this impressive, constantly evolving library. In addition to the usual ladies’ novel, there are a wide variety of mixtures of genres from literature for teenage girls to love fantasy, and even action-packed detective stories, where a lot of attention is paid to the heroine and her relationships. The choice offered to readers is simply enormous.

It’s easy to get lost among such a variety, so as not to pass by interesting novelties and proven classics, which are guaranteed to give a lot of impressions, here are seven wonderful books for a boring pastime:

Pride and Prejudice Books by Jane Austen. This book has been in the spotlight for nearly two hundred years since its first edition! Written by the dexterous pen of a woman who understands the intricacies of relationships, the love story of the proud Mr. Darcy and the wayward Elizabeth Bennett continues to win hearts. Proof of this is the many adaptations of the novel and the most incredible variations on the sequel, including an alternative version in the midst of a zombie invasion!

Helen Fielding “Diary of Bridget Jones”. The debut of Englishwoman Helen Fielding was created under the great impression of the novel by Jane Austen, and in some moments the similarities between the books can be traced. However, Bridget is original and beautiful in herself. This is a frank, sometimes comical and incredibly charming portrait of an ordinary British woman, in which any modern independent girl can easily identify herself.

Joan Harris Chocolate. The first part of the trilogy, masterfully written in the beautiful, enchanting style of Joan Harris, introduces the independent and proud Vianne. The appearance of this mysterious woman and her daughter in a sleepy conservative town turns the usual life upside down. Everything will be here – love, intrigue, gossip and, of course, chocolate!

Daphne Dumorier “Rebecca”. An extremely unusual story of a relationship between a mysterious mature man, in whose past lies a secret and a modest young girl. The fleeting romance ends in a wedding, but having become the mistress of a huge estate, the young heroine has just begun her journey towards her beloved man, tied by the bonds of her first marriage.

Cecilia Ahern “PS I Love You.” A touching, incredibly poignant book by a young debutante in the world of big prose Cecilia Ahern has already won over millions of readers around the world. A life-affirming novel about love, hope and forgiveness.

Reshad Nuri Gyuntekin “King is a songbird”. The history of a young Turkish woman Feride is closely connected with the life and culture of her country. Gyuntekin’s novel shows a woman’s intense struggle for the right to be happy and remain herself.

Anna Gavalda “Just Together”. A relationship is a difficult job for two people. An exciting and soulful novel by Anna Gavalda about how to keep your little happiness in spite of everything.

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