Apr 28, 2022
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Top 3 Vehicles for Kids in the City

Top 3 Vehicles for Kids in the City

The movement of a child in the city is not limited to the parents’ car and public transport. It is worth paying attention to various sports goods with which a walk will turn into a real pleasure. Most importantly, pay attention to the recommendations for choosing. Any inventory should be suitable not only for age, but also for growth and configuration.

Fast and discreet scooter

When choosing a scooter for children, it is worth remembering a few basic rules:

  • use models with an adjustable handle;
  • The scooter must be equipped with rubber wheels.

Allocate mechanical and electrical models. The main difference is the built-in battery, which sets the impulse and you do not need to constantly push off with your feet. And in order for the control to be as safe as possible, the handle should end just above the level of the belt.

Elusive gyroboards

Since its inception, gyroboards have not lost their relevance. Along with adult models, children’s models are widespread, the length of which is slightly less. It will be much easier for a teenager to stand on such a platform. The usual speed of the device does not exceed 20 km / h, so you should not worry about the safety of the child. If you don’t have enough experience in stability on a gyroboard, it’s better to get elbow pads and a helmet for your head.

Sustainable hoverboards

Gyroscooters will become a kind of compromise between a gyroboard and a scooter. They are also equipped with a battery and provide a speed of about 20 km / h, but additionally have a handle that will not allow you to fall while riding.

Remember, the main thing when choosing a vehicle for a child is, regardless of the model, compliance with safety requirements!

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