May 30, 2022
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“Too open”: Aiza’s son criticized her appearance

37-year-old Aiza is not distinguished by modesty. She recently shared a video in which she captured herself completely naked, and before that she published the most explicit shot. Yes, and pictures in underwear are found in her social networks regularly.

"Too open": Aiza

Some businesswoman subscribers praise her for her slender figure, others call her to the voice of reason and ask her to think about children. Especially about the son from Guf, because he is already an adult and may feel embarrassed because of the appearance of his mother.

As it turned out, the latter were not far from the truth. Isa chose jeans with a low waist and a revealing top for a walk. Sam thought the outfit was too revealing and asked his mom to put something on top.

"Too open": Aiza

“But I like it. They survived. At first, the parents did not allow me to dress like that, then the husbands, and now the son,” Isa complained.

Well, maybe that made Liluna think a little.

"Too open": Aiza

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