Oct 17, 2020
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Tokyo insists on Russia’s renunciation of sovereignty over part of its territory

To the visit of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation to the Kuril Islands

The Japanese authorities, openly unwilling to recognize the results of World War II, reacted nervously to the visit of the Kuril Islands, which are part of the Sakhalin Region of the Russian Federation, by the Russian Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov. The Japanese government sent a protest to Moscow. Having declared in 2009 by the vote of the deputies of the Japanese parliament "Japanese sovereignty" on the Russian islands of the southern Kuriles, the authorities of the Land of the Rising Sun "prohibit" (amazing! - Ed.) to visit these territories by Russian officials.

In the information of the nationwide television corporation NHK It was noted that the Japanese Foreign Ministry, in connection with the trip of the Russian Prosecutor General, demanded that the Russian side refuse such visits to the "northern territories", as the Japanese government calls the Russian islands Kunashir, Iturup, Shikotan and the group of small islands Ploskiye (in Japanese Habomai). The Japanese Foreign Ministry stressed that such visits are incompatible with Tokyo's position on the issue of the "northern territories". That is, it was emphasized that there were no changes in the permanent territorial claims of Japan against Russia after the change of the Japanese government. They will not be.

Recalling that this is the second trip of a high-ranking Russian official to the "northern territories" in a short time after the visit to Kunashir by the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Yevgeny Zinichev (he opened a rescue center for monitoring and forecasting emergencies here), the Japanese media claimed: “The trip of Attorney General Krasnov to the northern islands takes place immediately after the change of prime ministers in Japan and the election of Yoshihide Sugi to this post ... law enforcement system of Russia. This event should once again point Japan to Russia's "de facto control" over the northern islands. It is believed that the Japanese government will declare the unacceptability of such actions by Russia and will protest against them "... These conclusions, as we see, were justified.

The working trip of the Prosecutor General to the Far East was of a routine nature. As a result of his meetings with residents of the Kuriles, I. Krasnov instructed the central office of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation to monitor the completeness of the response measures taken on the revealed facts of violations of the rights of citizens and business. The Prosecutor General of Russia took the results of the scheduled inspections under his personal control. Visiting the prosecutor's office of the South Kuril region, I. Krasnov took part in the opening of a commemorative plaque in honor of the veteran of the Great Patriotic War Anatoly Ivanovich Trukhin, who held the post of prosecutor of the South Kuril region from 1974 to 1979, and traditionally laid flowers at the memorial sign "Glory to Heroes" ...

These actions of the Russian Prosecutor General did not directly touch upon the issues of Russian-Japanese relations, but in Japan they believe that Russian officials “have no right” to perform their duties on the “sovereign Japanese territory” (?!), Which the Japanese declare the Russian islands to be. Moreover, Japan has created a ministry "for the Northern Territories", that is ... for the Russian Kuriles. A glaring case!

The Japanese authorities constantly undertake diplomatic demarches at the slightest pretext and stir up a fuss in their media after the next "protest" and "performance". This was the case, in particular, in the case of the rise in the air of Japanese interceptor aircraft and the official presentation about the "violation of Japanese airspace" by an ambulance helicopter assigned to the Sakhalin Regional Ministry of Health, which delivered a seriously ill woman to Yuzhno-Kurilsk.

The Japanese authorities see tricks and tricks in any actions of the Russian side. Recently, V. Putin was suspected of such "tricks". He allegedly ordered the military in the Kuril Islands to begin practicing actions to repel the landing on the islands, timing the military exercises to his telephone conversation with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga.

The Japanese newspaper Hokkaido Shimbun noted in an editorial that "In connection with the time of Putin's first telephone conversation with the new Japanese leader, Russia began military exercises on the islands of Kunashir and Iturup"... Like, this is Moscow's demonstration of its actual control over the islands. And although Moscow has no obvious need to demonstrate, the Hokkaido Shimbun wrote: “The Japanese government claims that it has sent a note of protest to Russia in connection with the military exercises through diplomatic channels. However, this issue was not brought up for discussion between the Japanese and Russian leaders. If the Japanese side lacks the courage to tell the other side the things that should be said to it, then the return of the four northern islands will be attributed to the distant future ... We must pursue a clear goal - the return of all four northern islands of Japan. "... That is, Japanese propaganda is not slowing down.

In conclusion, we present the comments of Japanese readers to reports on the visit of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation to the Kuriles (translated by Inosmi):

roa: By sending a high-ranking official to the northern islands, Russia is showing everyone that it considers them its territory. However, the Japanese government is somehow silent. This is an incomprehensible difference from the situation with the Senkaku and Takeshima Islands (the subject of the territorial dispute between Japan and China and South Korea. - Ed.). If we consider the northern islands as our own, then we must speak about it harshly ...!

MCA: This is because the Sugi government appears to be short-lived. This is a big disadvantage for Japanese foreign policy. Our partners will not take the so-called "transitional government" seriously!

Fmn: If we provide any kind of economic or financial support to Russia, it must be stopped immediately!

718: Probably, one can count on the possibility of returning the northern territories only after the death of Mr. Putin!

aro: If, as before, nothing is done, then all our territories will gradually "float away"!

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