May 4, 2022
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Together with dirty clothes, a woman washed a bottle of wine

bottle of wine in the washing machineA resident of Beaverton (Oregon, USA) stayed with relatives for several days, and when she returned home, she started washing.

bottle of wine in the washing machine

The woman scooped out all the clothes from the suitcase and put this lump into the washing machine, not particularly looking at it. But a few minutes later, a suspicious knock was heard from the typewriter. Interrupting the washing process, the lady began to fumble in wet clothes and dug out a bottle of wine, which she had not noticed at first.

bottle of wine in the washing machine

It turned out that the father of the heroine of the funny video wanted to surprise his daughter and secretly put wine in her suitcase. It’s good that the bottle didn’t break, otherwise the surprise would not have turned out to be joyful at all.

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