Dec 31, 2020
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Todorenko was hospitalized with “hellish pain” in Bali

Regina hurt her leg on the reef while surfing.

Todorenko was hospitalized with

Regina Todorenko is resting together with the man Vlad Topalov and son Michael in Bali. There, the presenter decided to learn to surf and turned to a special instructor for lessons. Just yesterday afternoon, Regina shared her successes in mastering the newly made business. She managed to catch four waves on her own. However, there were also falls. In one of them, Todorenko cut her leg on the reef.

At first, the presenter of “Heads and Tails” felt like herself. She spent another two hours on the beach. However, subsequently her condition deteriorated screechingly, and she felt “hellish pain.” Actually, this is how she characterized her condition when she brought in a video for her subscribers. Regina even had to turn to doctors for help, as a result of which she was immediately hospitalized.

Despite the occasion, Todorenko does not intend to say goodbye to surfing. However, the faithful leader does not share her enthusiasm. In the video, he looks solid and worried. Apparently, he does not like that the woman looks so windy about injuries.

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