Apr 27, 2021
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Todorenko and Topalov are going through a crisis in relations

The famous Russian singer Vlad Topalov and TV presenter Regina Todorenko got married in 2018, and soon after that they had a son, Mikhail. A year after the birth of the child, the spouses began to casually say that they had no idyll in their relationship. And over time, these conversations have become more fragmented and sophisticated.

Todorenko and Topalov are going through a crisis in relations

Not so long ago, Todorenko reported that she and her husband did not have the passion that they had at the very beginning. She noted that in her daily routine, everyday life and at work, she forgets that she still has a faithful. The presenter added that this began to happen after the birth of their son, that is, read immediately after their wedding.

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Regina says that when the kids are shown, the romantic part of the relationship is readily forgotten, and she is very dignified.

And for two years now, the spouses have been experiencing a crisis in the relationship, but they still keep the family together. An important role in this is played by Topalov’s wisdom and self-control, which does not take offense at his wife when she is immersed in routine and forgets about the romantic part of their relationship.

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