Aug 30, 2021
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To whom the election benefit, and to whom the cap with party symbols

To whom the election benefit, and to whom the cap with party symbols

Photo: Kirill Kukhmar / TASS

The hit of the season – in the regions of Russia, voters are handed out covers for rolling vegetables for free. But this is not a charity event, since the day of elections to the federal parliament is approaching, therefore, the symbols of the political party “United Russia” are on the covers. As reported by the Znak news agency, United Russia members are especially actively “spilling” the gardening theme in their election campaigns in the Vologda and Vladimir regions.

Almost everyone accepts such gifts, even adherents of other political views: for many, caps are a very relevant seasonal attribute, the news agency reports and notes the following detail: “In social networks, they joke about this that the only thing missing is the slogan ‘You have a cover!'”

But the biggest gifts before the parliamentary elections, of course, were made by the president himself. Recall that at the pre-election congress of “United Russia” on August 22 Vladimir Putin promised that after the victory of “United Russia” in the elections to pensioners will be paid 10 thousand rubles, and the military – 15 thousand. In addition, it became known that payments will be received not only by military personnel, but also by cadets of military schools, as well as law enforcement officers.

Not too generous against the background of the wild rise in prices and tariffs with a decrease in household income. In addition, discussions immediately began: how and who will be paid, and who will not, and why. Here, taking into account the mores of the Russian bureaucratic apparatus and imperfect accounting, there will be many grievances. In addition, these payments in many places are likely to lead to a completely different result.

Especially where a sad anecdote has become a reality: “What is your grandmother’s pension? Small, but enough for me! “… There will be just drunkenness: how much vodka you can buy for a free 10 thousand! And moonshine is even more! And tinctures of hawthorn and rose hips! Moreover, we are not even talking about the pensioners themselves, but about their unlucky or simply not attached to life children. Now it is difficult to distinguish an “ideological” parasite-alcoholic from a person crushed by “effective economic policy”.

In addition, it turned out that not all pensioners will receive the promised payments. A lump sum payment of ten thousand rubles, a decree of which was previously signed by President Vladimir Putin, will be received by Russians who are recipients of pensions as of August 31, 2021, follows from a message published on the website of the branch of the Russian Pension Fund in the Belgorod region.

“Relying on <…> they will receive the amount in September “, – reminded the department, noting that in some cases the payment may be made later.

And those who are already retired by age, but, for example, as often happens, the registration was delayed due to bureaucratic delays? For example, a vigilant FIU inspector is waiting for an answer to his inquiry about a “suspicious entry” in the Employment Book made in the shaggy sixties? Then ten thousand fly by?

And there are many such nuances, in social networks people throw out resentment, not particularly embarrassed. And uncomfortable questions are asked. And some governors are losing their nerves.

For example, unexpectedly for many Bryants, the governor Alexander Bogomaz decided to close the comments under the post about the increase in teachers’ salaries on his page on the social network VKontakte.

“Probably, the head of the region could be frightened by criticism and uncomfortable questions from the population. However, similar ones can be found in the “Typical Bryansk” group of the social network VKontakte, – the Bryansk TV channel “Gorodskaya” comments on the event. – Why aren’t others allocated for promotion? Don’t want to eat or are they not people? What is this silent movie? Because most of the teachers are on the election commission. Here’s a kind of encouragement for them “, – write subscribers of “Typical Bryansk” “.

For the most part, all these pre-election gifts have become the reason for a lot of ironic comments. Both domestically and abroad.

The special generosity of the head of the Russian state, of course, is commented on in the West, which is certainly not a decree for us. Many reproaches, evil irony, sarcasm etc. Not new. But in the assessments of people living in Western countries, there is also a rather subtle humor, and even self-criticism.

For example, some readers of the German edition of Der Spiegel have rather harshly expressed their opinion about payments to Russian pensioners in the amount of 10 thousand rubles. Many, of course, decided that in this way the authorities are trying to bribe voters before the elections to the State Duma.

“How shameful and how frank! Direct one-time payment to a large group of voters just before the election! Are Russian pensioners as naive as Putin thinks that they will fall for such tricks? “ – wrote an outraged user.

However, another participant in the discussion responded with humor: “It’s just that Vladimir Vladimirovich is a very kind person!”

And there are those who have shown maximum objectivity, not disregarding the pre-election tricks and their own rulers: “Putin learned this from Merkel, which all the time before the elections to the Bundestag made decisions to increase pensions. What do retirees need? Peace, continuity and money. And now – she was chosen again “, – wrote another reader Der Spiegel.

However, the most insightfulness was shown by those participants in this discussion who asked this question: “I don `t understand. I constantly read that the Russian elections are already being falsified. But if so, then trying to attract additional votes shortly before the elections does not make sense. Or do you need both now to stay in power? “

Oh, those practical and pragmatic Germans! Of course, they could not help but notice the clearly excessive generosity of the current government in Russia and the fact that in this way the government, in fact, goes all-in, since it is no longer possible to bluff in this game.

In addition to other pre-election expenses, the payments to pensioners and the military, proposed by Putin, will cost the state treasury 500 billion rubles. This was announced on the air of the Russia 24 TV channel by the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov

– The economic effect of this will be at least zero. But this will definitely accelerate inflation and raise prices, as well as mortgage rates, which will displease many citizens, – he believes Alexey Korenev, analyst at FINAM Group. – All this, naturally, accelerates inflation. If we look at school payments, then among the entire list of the most expensive goods there were school uniforms, children’s jeans etc. The relationship between payments for schoolchildren and inflation in terms of non-food products is clearly traced – the overall inflation rate reached 6.6%. And, most likely, in the last weeks of August it will also be quite large.

Naturally, now one-time payments to pensioners, as well as to the military, cadets etc. will also pull inflation with them, because this money will not go under the pillow, will not be buried under a tree, in a vegetable garden, and everyone will go to shops, to trade – this will inevitably pull prices up. Therefore, the Central Bank is now forced to raise the key rate in every possible way in order to compensate for the additional emission of money in order to prevent price increases. And, naturally, people are not happy with this, because interest rates on loans are growing. But the Central Bank is forced to do this due to the fact that from time to time there are rather large targeted payments to certain categories of citizens.

If, for example, earlier it was about large families at the beginning of the pandemic, plus payments for schoolchildren etc., then this does not cause irritation in society as the payments promised by the authorities to the security forces – I would not rush to classify them as urgently needed categories of workers. These are not mothers with many children. But this is a significant part of the voting electorate, and, you know, they vote in formation.

Inflation will continue to grow, there is nothing to be done about it. The central bank will most likely have to raise the key rate by at least 25 basis points on September 10, and most likely by 50. Or, maybe, then and again revise it upwards – in December. This will depend on how inflation accelerates into the fall.

It turns out that, on the one hand, we seem to be doing people well by paying them money, because they will spend it all for their own needs, on the other hand, we drive up prices and drive up interest rates. Than many will be very unhappy. Here is such a vicious circle. We want the best, but the total result is, in general, zero.

“SP”: – If not negative, since inflation will be felt more sharply by those who have not received any pre-election gifts, they have nothing special to spend …

– You see, everyone will spend in different ways. Pensioners, of course, try to save part of their money, and those who are younger spend it right away. Here, different social and age categories, as well as groups of different income levels, spend in completely different ways. In any case, it is unlikely that this money will go mainly towards savings.

The increase in rates by the Central Bank will cause an increase in rates on deposits. Therefore, some part of this money, additional money issue, will settle on these bank accounts. But I don’t think it will be a very large share. The bulk will be spent and only a fraction will actually be deposited into bank accounts. But I’m not sure if it will be a significant volume.

“SP”: – Send responses on the Internet – who and how will spend these pre-election gifts. Some write: I’ll drink it for free, but I’ll vote the way I want …

– Someone will probably drink, although I think it was a joke. But some part – yes, will be skipped. After all, even a financially illiterate person subconsciously understands that, on the one hand, some additional payments were made to him, and on the other hand, prices increased by about the same amount. For this, in general, you do not need to have a higher education in order to understand that the final result is zero. They added money – while prices went up. Even if a person does not understand the mechanisms of pricing, and it is difficult for him to understand what is the emission of money supply, inflation etc., he still realizes and even sees that his quality of life as a whole has not changed due to these payments.

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