Feb 17, 2021
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To whom and for what reason can the air conditioner be dangerous? 8 indisputable facts

To whom and for what reason can the air conditioner be dangerous?  8 indisputable facts

The advent of the air conditioner greatly facilitated our life. He even managed to get into the category of irreplaceable things, because on hot days it is much easier to live with him. But if you think that air conditioners are absolutely safe thing, then you are a little mistaken about this.

Air conditioning is a wonderful miracle of technology that helps to escape the heat in summer and keep warm in the winter cold. Unfortunately, this beautiful invention has a number of side effects to human health that you might not be aware of.


It is a known fact that the rate of dehydration is much higher if a person is in an air-conditioned room. The air conditioner itself lowers the humidity of the room, which is imperceptible at first glance.

The body begins to lose water, because the temperature is quite low and you don’t want to drink water at all. If you work in an air-conditioned room, carefully monitor the amount of fluid you consume.


Another unpleasant effect of conditioned air. One of the causes of headaches and migraines is dehydration.

Respiratory problems

Office workers often complain of persistent respiratory symptoms: nasal congestion, dry throat and nose, and even rhinitis. Research shows that 28% of people who work in air-conditioned rooms have rhinitis. But among people who work in a ventilated room, this figure is only 5%.


The main function of an air conditioner at home or at work is to cool the air and invigorate you. But the effect may be the opposite. People working in air-conditioned rooms have been shown to be more likely to complain of sleepiness.

Itchy and dry skin

Is conditioner harmful to my skin? And how! Excessive air conditioning combined with sun exposure can cause itching and dry skin. Care must be taken to keep the skin hydrated constantly, especially in the summer.

Asthma and allergies

Air conditioning is unlikely to cause these diseases, but it can aggravate the situation. On the one hand, air conditioning can protect people who are sensitive to pollen or dust, but some people complain that their allergy symptoms are getting worse.

Dry eyes

Dry air can cause dry and irritated eyes, as well as redness and blurred vision.

Colds and infections

As conditioned air dries out the nasal passages, it can irritate the mucous membranes. Thus, your body becomes vulnerable and it is much easier to pick up viruses and infections.

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