Sep 16, 2022
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To scare the attacker, the owner of the store had only one word

one word scared the intruderThe owner of the store named Tracy does not want to become a victim of a crime, and therefore she needs to protect herself as reliably as possible.

one word scared the intruder

At the moment, the woman does not praise her security camera, because it was this device that alerted Tracy that a stranger was trying to enter the back room of her store. It was enough just a short hail of “Hey!” To scare the attacker.

one word scared the intruder

Tracy added that without a camera, she would hardly have dared to go out into the street and enter into a personal skirmish with a man. So yelling at a potential thief while sitting in safety is worth a lot.

One short hail drove the attacker from the scene of the crime

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