Jun 17, 2022
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To relax on the beach, mom invites children to paint seashells

children coloring seashellsUntil recently, Alex Jeffries, coming to the beach with children, could not dream of rest, because she had to entertain her offspring.

children coloring seashells

But now everything has changed, because the mother of the family has come up with a way to keep the kids busy. Alex calmly relaxes while the children enthusiastically paint the shells found on the shore. All you need is to buy inexpensive paints and brushes. True, the lady added that it is better to take drawing supplies with a margin – very quickly all the kids who are resting nearby will want to join the creative process.

children coloring seashells

The advice of the mother of the family received a lot of praise, but only some people were a little worried that such children’s entertainment would not harm the environment. Alex assured all those who are not indifferent that she buys non-toxic paints, and the children take all the painted shells with them, so that they will not fall into the sea.

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