Apr 29, 2022
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To protect the garage from a cat, a door handle lock came in handy

how to protect a garage from a catResidents of Akworth (Georgia, USA) are convinced that the devices used in the home for small children are also quite useful for pets.

how to protect a garage from a cat

The fact is that the cat named Shadow got into the habit of getting into the garage, but the owners are sure that the pet has absolutely nothing to do there. It was then that they got a door handle lock, which is usually used to prevent babies from climbing where they should not. The trick worked against the cat too – Shadow tries his best to open the garage door, hanging on the handle, but no luck.

how to protect a garage from a cat

The disappointment of a pet is quite understandable, but the fact that she still has a whole house at her disposal can serve as a consolation.

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