Oct 19, 2021
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To please his wife, a craftsman built a revolving house

craftsman built a revolving houseA resident of Bosnia and Herzegovina named Ljubica can be envied, because now she lives in a unique house.

craftsman built a revolving house

The warrior Kusich, the woman’s 72-year-old husband, built a revolving dwelling specifically to satisfy his wife’s whims. The craftsman said that many years ago, when he got married, he built a family house, and Lyubitsa wished that the bedroom windows were facing the sunny side. But this meant that the living room windows overlooked the road, and after a while the woman ceased to be satisfied with it. The warrior redid everything, but the years passed, and the picky wife again complained about the wrong arrangement of rooms and poor views from the windows. Having made several repairs and thoroughly tired of this, the husband made an amazing decision.

craftsman built a revolving house

He designed and built an unusual house equipped with electric motors that can rotate, and now the landlord has the opportunity to indulge her whims at any time – all she has to do is turn the building so that the view from the window becomes exactly the way she wants.

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