Jul 16, 2020
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“To distinguish an armored personnel carrier from a tank”: Lukashenko called a condition for presidential candidates

Alexander Lukashenko. Photo: Kremlin Pool / Global Look Press /

According to the leader of the Belarusians, the head of state must serve in the army

Alexander Lukashenko made an unexpected statement during a meeting with the military in Vitebsk. The President of Belarus believes that it is necessary to add a new clause concerning the head of state to the Constitution of the country. In his opinion, only those who have served should receive this post.

"They ask for power from us, but they didn't smell gunpowder,"

- Lukashenka said.

The leader of the Belarusians added that even if a woman decides to apply for this position, she will have to undergo the necessary training in advance to "distinguish an armored personnel carrier from a tank."

According to Lukashenka, the commander-in-chief should know what the army is, so that he would not be "overpowered", the BelTA agency notes. The video of the statement of the President of Belarus was published by the telegram channel "Pool # 3".

An election race is underway in Belarus. In August, residents of the country will vote for a new president. The main rival of the current leader of the people, Viktor Babariko, who was detained in June, was not registered to run in the elections.

Earlier Lukashenka proposed to change the Constitution of Belarus.

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