Jun 14, 2022
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To determine the sex of the unborn child, dad had to lift the bar

dad lifts the barGender parties, which determine the sex of the unborn child, do not go out of fashion. And props for such celebrations are getting fancier.

dad lifts the bar

For example, a family from Lebanon (Oregon, USA), expecting a fourth offspring, used a bar to which bags of colored powder were attached. Naturally, dad had to lift the weight and then throw it to the ground. The burst bags showed that there would be a girl. Pink powder also escaped from the firecracker held by the mother of the family. The spouses chose the barbell not by chance, because they are the owners of a network of gyms.

dad lifts the bar

By the way, not everyone was happy that the fourth child would be not a brother, but a sister. One of the older brothers was convinced that the powder must be blue and declared that if he saw pink, he would leave. The boy did indeed leave—fortunately, not far away.

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