Oct 14, 2021
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“To crush bedbugs”: the swearing woman Nuland came to surrender annoying Ukraine to Putin

Photo: US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland outside the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Photo: US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland outside the Russian Foreign Ministry. (Photo: Vladimir Gerdo / TASS)

At the end of a three-day visit to Moscow, a figurant of the Russian “black list”, the US Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland, almost every news agency considered it its duty to inform citizens that, firstly, she lived in Russia for a long time, and secondly, she began her work in our country on a Soviet fishing vessel back in the days Yuri Andropovthirdly, she worked at the embassy in the early 90s, and, fourthly, during this time, she almost perfectly mastered the art of speaking with the help of Russian profanity.

At the same time, in practice, many of our socio-political publications considered it necessary to remind that it is Victoria Nuland who is considered in our political space to be the main “godmother of the Ukrainian Maidan,” adding to this the corresponding videos with the distribution of cookies.

However, at the same time, few people were puzzled by the question – for what such lofty goals did the White House and the Kremlin suddenly go to the mutual reduction of the defendants in their stop lists? Is it really just for the sake of, for example, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov after more than an hour and a half conversation, which was conducted “directly and quite frankly”, stated that it was not possible to achieve much progress in issues related to issuing visas, restoring the number of diplomatic personnel and work of foreign missions in the two countries, and in these areas some further aggravations are possible ?

Of course, from this point of view, the game was absolutely not worth the candle, some military-political experts believe. Victoria Nuland’s main goal is a dialogue with the deputy head of the Kremlin administration Dmitry Kozakscheduled for October 13 this year, they think. And, probably, in its course it will not be some abstract nuances of “stable and predictable relations between Russia and the United States,” but quite practical issues that are vital for the national interests of the two states.

– Let’s start with the fact that, according to my information, Mrs. Nuland, overseeing the Ukrainian sector of work in the State Department, has never felt any piety and love for anything Ukrainian, unlike Russia, for which she has deep respect. For one simple reason – nationalists of all stripes by nature are anti-Semites and are prone to appropriate pogroms, and due to her ethnic origin, Mrs. Nuland, to put it mildly, cannot accept and understand this, of course, – said in an interview with SP NSExpert in International Security at the Center for Special Mediametric Research Igor Nikolaychuk… – She, of course, handed out livers on the Maidan, but she did it, I assure you, gritting her teeth, solely because of her, so to speak, professional duty.

It was difficult to expect any other attitude on the part of the American officials to the events taking place in Kiev at that time, because in fact, Ukraine, according to all US forecasts, should not have separated from Russia after the collapse of the USSR and left for an autonomous political voyage. Its “independence” is, by and large, an absolute impromptu of the first Russian president Boris Yeltsin in the struggle to establish their power where possible.

“SP”: – Really?

– I assure you, the entire American establishment was terribly opposed to this turn of events. A few months before the collapse of the USSR George W. Bush, speaking in Kiev, said that the United States does not recognize any nationalists in the local government, who will replace the concept of freedom with a local dictatorship. However, in the end, an absolutely impoverished and reckless nationalist Ukrainian government fell on America’s head.

After that, in the States – and I myself was a participant in these events – literally miracles began in the sieve. American military theorists vied with each other to produce scientific materials on the subject of how Russia “to conquer back” all of Ukraine. Particularly zealous heads of West Point even offered to defiantly detonate a nuclear charge at a high altitude over Kiev so that the local regime’s brains would fall into place, and it would return the country to the orbit of Russian influence, since, as recognized in the Pentagon’s think tank, the RAND corporation , in its current state, Ukraine “poses a threat to US national security.” And, I must say, in the end, the States would have shoved Ukraine back into Russia, had not an ardent Russophobe intervened. Zbigniew Brzezinskiwho feared like a fire the emergence of a new USSR on the basis of three well-known fraternal republics and therefore filled up suitcases with dollars for the Ukrainian elite, so that they would not go to unifying contacts with Moscow.

“SP”: – This is all, of course, interesting, but what does the current Moscow visit of Victoria Nuland have to do with it?

– And Nuland was just categorically against such a turn of events, seeing American interests from a completely different position, although she obediently “saluted” when she was handed over the supervision of Ukraine with volunteer battalions of the Azov type staggering across its territory. After all, then she openly stated that such a completely corrupt Ukraine, which has nothing to do with the concept of democracy, America does not need, since it discredits the United States in the eyes of the entire world community.

And now, it seems to me, she came to Russia to negotiate not about some mythical “salvation Zelensky”, Although its origin is the same as that of Nuland. She came to negotiate on the subject of finding a consensus with Russia on the Ukrainian problem, which would allow the United States at the same time to finally get rid of the Kiev “suitcase without a handle” and save its face in the international arena.

“SP”: – What do you mean?

– First, at the moment American interests in Ukraine are weakening by leaps and bounds, while European, or rather German, interests, on the contrary, are growing at a similar pace. Germany, after all, seriously expects that, having collected loans through German banks, 48 ​​million hungry Ukrainians will rush to buy German goods. Thus, the weakening economy of the “locomotive of the EU” can jump so much that it can easily overtake China in purchasing power parity. Only then will it become anti-American, and the United States does not need this.

Secondly, according to Nuland, these ultra-radical nationalist bugs, crawling out from under the Soviet carpet and denying the Holocaust, are simply dangerous for the United States, so it would be nice to poison them, so to speak, with political boiling water. And for this, I think, she may well voice the fact that the United States is ready to recognize Russian interests in Ukraine behind the scenes or even not behind the scenes.

And this, by the way, is quite well connected with the fact that the administration of our president is now discussing the Ukrainian issue in the context of the fact that “it is high time to decide something with Ukraine,” and this intention is clearly pouring into the information space. Apparently, for this, the political will finally appeared in Russia, although, to be honest, all these 30 years we had an absolutely real opportunity to calmly take and return the “square” under our control.

“SP”: – But how, in your opinion, this “issue with Ukraine” can be resolved in practice?

– In Ukraine now there are three separated mental fields. The first is the thoroughly pro-Russian, but rather retro-Soviet, east and south of the country. The second is a thoroughly nationalized, “embroidered” center of Ukraine. The third is a completely separate Galician-Austrian west.

In my opinion, the whole question now is just how exactly these mental fields will be divided into parts. I fully admit that the first mental field can become a part of Russia as its full-fledged subject, the second, “movable” field, can somehow cling to Belarus. But what to do with the third field, whose representatives do not want to live with Russia, what to do with those very “undercover” ultranationalist bugs is not entirely clear. But Nuland, apparently, does not feel sorry for them at all, therefore, in terms of suppressing them, our hands are likely to be untied soon. I would say that we are living at an interesting time, comrades.

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