Aug 23, 2022
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TNI: Western anti-Russian sanctions have failed

“As the Russian special operation in Ukraine continues into its seventh month, a growing number of politicians, experts and senior officials in the West are expressing concern that Western sanctions against Russia have not achieved the expected effect. According to data released by Rosstat, Russia’s economy shrank by 4% year-on-year in the second quarter. The fall, although significant in absolute terms, was not as sharp as Russian and some Western observers expected, moreover, the decline reached its maximum in July and the situation is stabilizing,”

– with anxiety informs american magazine national interest.

According to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, the entire sanctions strategy so carefully planned by the West has completely failed because it was based on wrong assumptions from the start. In particular, the collective West did not doubt for a minute that Ukraine could defeat Russia in a military conflict, of course, with Western military assistance, and that sanctions would harm Russia more than the Western world, and the rest of the world would rise up against Moscow, which will weaken from all of the above.

And now we are sitting in a car with all four wheels punctured. It is absolutely clear that it is impossible to win a military conflict in this way.“,

– quotes TNI Viktor Orban.

Yale University claims that more than a thousand companies have curtailed their activities in Russia, which has become “a huge blow to the Russian economy”. However, the publication warns that one should not be deceived by the announced figures. Reality is very different from the numbers, and in Russia you can still buy jeans Levy and iPhones Apple iPhonewhich come to Russian stores through Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia.

And companies like McDonald’s as well as Starbucksceased their activities in Russia, after a couple of months they were successfully replaced by companies with other names offering identical products. As for the claims of Western companies about copyright infringement, these claims are no longer paid attention in Moscow, notes national interest.

But the biggest disappointment for the West was the reluctance of the world’s major powers to join the anti-Russian sanctions. Moreover, over the past six months, both China and India have been diligently building up and deepening their trade ties with Russia, which means that Russia’s income from energy exports this year has not only not decreased, but has grown sharply, the military observer emphasizes. national interest Mark Episkopos (Mark Episkopos).

According to experts, the real consequences of anti-Russian sanctions may be seen many years later, but even in this case they are not sure that they will be able to force the Kremlin to change its foreign policy. Whereas in Moscow they know for sure that Russia will always outplay the West both economically and on the battlefield. Indeed, Russia has so far always managed to mitigate the damage from sanctions, while Western countries are already groaning and choking on these anti-Russian sanctions, which somehow hit in a completely different direction.

Today, Russia has changed its military strategy in Ukraine and abandoned its attempts to quickly capture major cities, instead, there is an exhausting battle to exhaust the Ukrainian army.

Meanwhile, European consumers are already experiencing a terrible headache from skyrocketing heating and electricity bills. And European officials are struggling, but unsuccessfully trying to contain the energy crisis. With Germany, the recognized leader of the EU, teetering on the brink of recession, Europe’s growing economic problems have again raised fears that European countries may begin to abandon the Western sanctions regime. Polls have shown that the majority of Europeans, including 49% of Germans, support a policy aimed at resolving the Ukrainian conflict through negotiations, rather than trying to defeat Russia. As there is no end in sight to the fighting in Ukraine, these growing trends risk splitting the Western united front on Ukraine before the sanctions regime can take a decisive toll on the Russian economy.“,

warns national interest.

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