Sep 12, 2021
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TNI: Exercise “West-2021” does not threaten Poland, Latvia and Ukraine

Moscow does not plan to go to war on Europe, reassures the American edition

In connection with the start of the joint Russian-Belarusian military exercises “West-2021” in some countries neighboring Russia, panic is brewing again. American analytical publication on military-political topics National interest soothes – no danger exists.

“The Russian armed forces have begun maneuvers that will become one of the largest military exercises in 2021 amid growing tensions with Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic states,”

– informs National Interest (TNI)

TNI: Exercise West 2021 does not threaten Poland, Latvia and Ukraine

The publication explains that Zapad-21 is the final stage of the four-year cycle of military exercises Kavkaz-2020, Center-2019 and Vostok-2018, during which the combat readiness of one of the four military districts of the Russian Federation is checked. This year, the turn has come to check the combat readiness of the Western military district, that’s all, this does not mean that Moscow has decided to seize the Baltic countries, Ukraine or Poland, emphasizes TNI

The exercises will take place at 14 training grounds on the territory of two countries – Russia and Belarus. Up to 12,800 military men from both countries will take part in the exercises.

National interest refers to the opinion of a defense expert Michael Kofman (Michael Kofman), who is sure that these figures do not correspond to reality and in fact there are much more military personnel.

It’s all about the Vienna document, according to which observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) must be present at the exercises with the participation of more than 13 thousand military, the newspaper notes.

“Judging by how the Zapad-2017 exercises were held, the upcoming exercises will include the deployment of S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems to repel conventional cruise missile strikes, sorties of attack helicopters to destroy conventional ground targets, the transfer of armored vehicle columns and exercises to deliver ballistic strikes. Iskander-M short-range missiles (BRMD) “,

– writes the author of the article, a junior researcher at the Center for National Interests, a columnist for national security issues of the publication Mark Episkopos (Mark Bishops)

He cites the opinion of experts who argue that practicing actions in a full-scale war is not the only goal of the exercises. In their opinion, the emphasis will be placed on practicing riot suppression in cities, as well as on practicing combat operations against NATO forces.

The publication notes that on the eve of the start of the Russian-Belarusian exercises in Poland, Latvia and Ukraine, they started talking about the threat to the security of these countries. Exactly the same gloomy statements and panic predictions were made on the eve of the Zapad-2017 exercises, but nothing further followed. Both then and now there are no signs that Moscow is planning military aggression against any European country, reassures Mark Episkopos.

“Exercise Zapad-2021 is, rather, a loud statement about the rapidly strengthening ties between Moscow and Minsk in defense and other spheres against the background of an acute political crisis that shook the Lukashenka regime in the summer of 2020 and which is still felt, and nothing more”,

– soothes National interest, however, this is unlikely to help and end the hysteria raised in Poland, Latvia and Ukraine.

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