Oct 14, 2021
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Tiraspol is confident: Chisinau is building a dictatorship under the flag of democracy

“Sandu has been fighting for control of the prosecutor’s office since 2019”

Arrest of the Prosecutor General of Moldova Alexandra Stoyanoglo became a real matter of principle for the current government and personally for the president Mai Sandu… Stoyanoglo’s dismissal from the post of the Prosecutor General, and in the event of opposition, his arrest was necessary to preserve the established regime in Moldova.

So says the director of the Tiraspol Institute of Social and Political Research and Regional Development Igor Shornikov, an interview with which was published by the NP-inofrm news agency.

The Transnistrian political scientist recalls that Sandu had to resign in 2019 from the post of prime minister precisely because she could not promote her man to the post of prosecutor general, but she really wanted to. This desire cost her the portfolio of the head of government.

“The Prosecutor General is one of the key elements in the system of the rule of law. Sandu all the years, while she was coming to power, declared that it was important for her to build a functional state, and this requires a reform of justice. Without control over the institution of the prosecutor’s office, the reforms that are conceived in the PAS camp, apparently, will not be able to be carried out. That is why the right-wingers fought so fiercely for control of the prosecutor’s office in 2019 and that is why they are so aggressively pushing ahead now, ”

– said Igor Shornikov.

According to him, the team of the current Moldovan president could not use Alexander Stoyanoglo, a decent and principled man, for political reprisals against opponents, but now her hands are free and soon everyone will see real repressions.

In the government, they say the opposite: they assure that the Prosecutor General would not be able to participate in carrying out reforms to build a rule of law, which sounds rather strange, the political scientist believes. After all, Stoyanoglo had an image of a person of high moral qualities, and no one ever doubted his high professionalism – it is with such people that a legal state should be built.

But if he is removed from office and are trying with all their might to get rid of him as soon as possible, it means that they are going to build a state that is far from the rule of law, Shornikov is sure.

He also draws attention to the fact that in the two months of operation of the new completely pro-Western government, failures have been made in almost all areas: prices are growing for everything, the gas contract has not been concluded, there is no hiding in front of power outages – this is not hiding, the pandemic has already ceased to fight. At the same time, strange purchases of American weapons are taking place against the background of aggravated relations with Tiraspol.

At the same time, the political scientist doubts that the illegal arrest of the Prosecutor General can become a reason for large-scale protests throughout the country, because the population is not yet psychologically ready for this. After all, the Moldovans have not yet received heating bills, have not sat by candlelight with cold batteries in winter – and all this with the ever-increasing prices for essential goods.

“There are many more who believe that Sandu will lead them to a prosperous European fairy tale. So far, there are no leaders in Moldova who can rouse people to an active protest against the authorities. Today they cannot, and tomorrow it will be too late. The majority do not realize that right now the American model of dictatorship is being established in Moldova, when dissidents are dealt with in the most barbaric ways under the flag of democracy, ”

– summed up Igor Shornikov.

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