Oct 20, 2021
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Tiraspol as Chisinau’s last hope not to freeze

Moldova in exchange for gas promises Transnistria to solve the transport crisis

No matter how hard the President of Moldova tried Maya Sandu to ignore the problems with gas supplies to the country, it did not help – there are more and more problems, and Sandu appears in the information space less and less, in the hope that everything will somehow work out by itself.

Against this background, information appeared that the head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation will soon arrive in Moldova at the invitation of its president. Dmitry Kozak to discuss the gas issue. However, already on Tuesday, October 19, speaking at a briefing, Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilitsa announced that Dmitry Kozak would not be able to visit Chisinau.

“As for the visit of Mr. Kozak, he was invited by the President, but as far as we are informed, he will not come this week, Deputy Prime Minister Vlad Kulminsky will go to Moscow to continue the discussion,”

– quotes the head of government NTV Moldova

But what option was a good one: the envoy of Moscow would have come and “brought” the gas himself, now he will have to go by himself, although he does not want to.

However, the political scientist Alexander Shpakovsky I am sure that in order to overcome the gas crisis in Moldova, Maia Sandu urgently needs to go to Moscow herself and negotiate personally at the highest level, and not send a deputy prime minister instead.

“Under the leadership of Moldova, unlike the Ukrainian authorities, Moscow has no prejudice and understanding of complete insanity and inability to negotiate. At the last meeting of CIS foreign ministers in Minsk, Lavrov noted Russia’s readiness for mutually beneficial contacts with the Moldovan authorities, ”

– reminds the political scientist.

In his opinion, the problem is that Washington categorically banned Chisinau from all contacts with Moscow, so Moldova has a choice “between a loop and a bullet”: either high gas prices for the poor population or the anger of the United States.

From the hopelessness of the situation, Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development Andrey Spynu went to negotiate gas supplies … to Poland, which caused general bewilderment.

“Minister Spynu is going to Warsaw to discuss the supply of natural gas. Why is Minister Spynu not going to Moscow, Kiev or Bucharest, but to Warsaw? What does the minister want to discuss regarding the supply of natural gas? Poland is also dependent on imported gas. Where is the action plan to overcome the energy crisis promised last week by Minister Spinu? “

– another Moldovan political scientist asks questions Dionysus Cenusha

With the beginning of the new week, it became clear: Moldova has the last chance and this chance is Tiraspol.

During a regular meeting of political representatives at the office of the OSCE Mission in Chisinau, the Moldovan side ignored the discussion of the transport crisis in the unrecognized republic, and immediately demanded to turn to Russia and provide Moldova with gas supplies.

“For some reason, the Moldovan side immediately demanded that we turn to Russia regarding gas. Where is the transport and the protocol solution, and where is the topic of gas? Speculation is unacceptable. I would call them cynical, because people have problems here and now, they were created with the participation of Moldova. We read the official message of the Ukrainian side, where it was said that Kiev agreed with the proposal of Chisinau to introduce restrictions from September 1, ”

– said the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev

But Chisinau is asking for a reason – if Tiraspol agrees “Put in a word for Moldova”, then the Moldovan authorities, in turn, promise “Assist in resolving the transport crisis”

As a reminder, since September 1, Ukraine has banned vehicles with Transnistrian numbers from crossing its border. Tiraspol is sure that this was done at the personal request of Maya Sandu.

“Yesterday it became known about the request of the Moldovan authorities to Transnistria to intervene in gas negotiations with Moscow. You will persuade Moscow to give us cheap gas, and we will convince Kiev to allow you to cross the border with Ukraine with Transnistrian numbers. And now the question: do you still doubt that it was Chisinau who asked Zelensky not to let cars with Transnistrian numbers through? “

– concludes the deputy of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists Bogdan Tsyrdya

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