Aug 23, 2022
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Tina Kandelake receives threats


Presenter and business woman Tina Kandelaki laughed at the spiteful critics.

Recently, the TV star is increasingly receiving threats from haters. Tina Kandelaki tries not to pay attention to the negative and treats what is happening with humor.

Recently, Tina entered into correspondence with one of the subscribers, trying to convey her position to him. But he decided to act with threats. “Ukrainian saboteurs figured out where you are now with the help of your message. Wait for the guests,” the man said.

Kandelaki did not lose her head. “I feel sorry for you, you lost your country. It can’t be restored again. Now write to everyone and run screaming. In fact, Ukraine will be restored by Russia. And you think, maybe you will have time to work at a construction site!“- retorted the 46-year-old brunette.

Through her years in the media, Tina has grown accustomed to negative messages. She even asked detractors not to bother to hurt her.

Tina Kandelaki - photo from the archive -
Tina Kandelaki – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Considering my, I am convinced, correct position in relation to the threats, I was ready for the fact that they would immediately start shooting at me as well. So, in fact, it happened: threats, provocations, slander, gossip – the arsenal of my enemies should have been exhausted long ago. Leave these cheap attempts in Telegram.

Or rather, don’t leave. Throw your money away and keep going crazy. I survived dozens of boys and girls who made up a plan at their meetings “To hurt Tina Kandelaki.” Where you studied, I taught 10 years ago. Don’t be such impenetrable dumbass, I would give you a master class“, – retorted Kandelaki.

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