Oct 29, 2021
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Timur Batrutdinov is jealous that Pavel Volya has such a good wife


Showman Timur Batrutdinov told what kind of wife he needed.

The artist admitted that he was tired of constant questions about his personal life. Laysan Utyasheva also decided to try the artist with the topic of marriage. The gymnast did not expect to receive compliments and tender recognition in return.

In winter, Timur Batrutdinov will celebrate his 44th birthday. Friends and fans are lamenting that the artist has not yet started a family. The star never even introduced lovers to the public, which provoked jokes about gay sex in his address.

However, the comedian denies the ridiculous gossip and admits: he found his ideal woman, she is simply not available to him. “I need someone like you. Came and took“, – Timur turned to Lyaysan Utyasheva.

Batrutdinov dreams of the same strong and trusting relationship as that of Pavel Volya and his wife. “You are friends first. You are sailing in the same boat. You have one paddle, he has the other. When you are tired, he takes both oars, then you change seats. In general, your boat is a well-coordinated mechanism. You understand each other perfectly, do not substitute, you know where you are going. Your goal is happiness“, – the artist shared.

Lyaysan Utyasheva
Lyaysan Utyasheva

Timur’s words made Laysan embarrassed. “Pashka and I discussed behind your back what kind of wife I need. A portrait was drawn, do you know which one? Laysan Utyasheva! Do not be shy – accept, ”the humorist smiled. “What are you? Are you waiting for me? I won’t get out of there“, – the athlete laughed. “I am looking for your clone,” Timur said.

The gymnast promised to find a bride for her friend in her small homeland – Bashkiria. “Laysan is the best, I would have such a wife, but they have already been taken away. Well, okay, I’m happy for a friend“, – said Batrutdinov.

Recall that Laysan has been married to Pavel Volya for almost ten years. The couple raise two children together and often show tender feelings. As for Timur, he is credited with having an affair with Olga Buzova. “We are friends. We have been friends for 17 years“, – the artist denies the rumors.

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