Oct 31, 2021
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Timur Batrudinov believes that his personal life did not work out because of the TV


Artist Timur Batrutdinov admitted that he had a bad reputation.

An enviable bachelor showman in his 43 years still cannot start a family. He has already participated in the show “The Bachelor”, from which he came out arm in arm with the participant Daria Kananukha, and is even close friends with one of the most popular blondes in show business Olga Buzova, but still nothing.

The showman told the wife of his friend Laysan Utyasheva about the reasons for his loneliness in her author’s program “Daring cooking with Laysan Utyasheva”. At first, he admitted that if it were not for Pavel Volya, he would have made every effort to conquer the beautiful gymnast, but, alas, he was late.

In general, the television is to blame for his failures on the personal front, and in particular, the very “Bachelor” in which he tried to find his soul mate. The same Daria, as it turned out later, used it only for her own PR.

Timur Batrutdinov
Timur Batrutdinov

Bachelor “spoiled my karma. Because all acquaintances with girls begin with the phrase: “What is it about“ Bachelor ”for real? Why didn’t you choose Galina? And with Buzova – is it true or PR? ” That is, they initially treat me as a person from TV, whose life is the headlines of yellow publications“, – Timur confessed in parallel with the preparation of cheese cakes.

Now he is already trying not to bother with this and to live, following the example of Dzhigan, “on chill and relax.” Laysan noticed to this that Dzhigan, having a wife and four children, can really relax, but Timur is still too early, he needs to provide himself with a rear.

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