May 8, 2022
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Time capsule discovered during renovation of old church

renovation in the old churchResidents of Rogersville (Missouri, USA) bought a building that was built about a century ago and served as a church for many years.

renovation in the old church

The couple decided to renovate the building and convert it into a residential building. They describe the process as an intriguing adventure with many surprises, and one of the exciting parts of the renovation was the discovery of the keystone, that is, the stone laid at the base of the structure.

renovation in the old church

The husband and wife argued for a long time whether there could be some kind of treasure behind this stone, and finally a man named Joshua could not contain his curiosity. He nevertheless pulled out a stone, behind which indeed a time capsule was discovered. It contained interesting documents about the history of both the church itself and the town. Now the couple are sure that such a greeting from the past was worthy of being found.

During the demolition of the church, the workers found a time capsule

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