Sep 8, 2021
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Timati’s new girlfriend Sasha Doni: Secret dates, leaked photos, rumors about an escort

Sasha Doni hides the details of the past from the audience.

Timati and his new girlfriend Sasha Doni Photo collage:

The novel of Timati and Alexandra became public domain on September 2. The producer posted a photo with a woman’s hand on his face and caused a stir from the audience.


Shortly before appearing with a new girl, Timati met with the winner of the show “Bachelor”. Katya Safarova received a ring from Timur for 22 million rubles and on this, apparently, their relationship ended.

Fans figured out Sasha Doni by manicure Photo collage: Instagram @ timatiofficial / @ sashadony

The “stumbling block” was a new frame in Yunusov’s Instagram. Timati’s eloquent smile and the girl’s hand with red varnish on her arms showed that the man was not alone in rest. Telegram channels began to massively search for a stranger in the vastness of social networks.

The Internet space “Only for anyone” was one of the first to find a model account. The puzzle was formed from the general locations of the photo, red nails and barely noticeable signs of Timati’s body in Sasha’s photographs.

Journalists found Sasha Doni’s publications before plastics. It can be seen from them that she performed a number of operations before hugging Timati. Questions were aroused by the unusually large bust of Doni against the background of a fragile figure. The public believes that there has been a breast augmentation.

Sasha Doni before and after plastics Photo collage: Telegram channel YOBAJUR

Little is known about Alexandra’s life. Before the romance with the star, her Instagram had about 50 thousand subscribers. In a couple of days, they increased by the same amount.

Doni is from Ukraine – this is indicated on her Instagram. The YOBAJUR community has released photos of Alexandra from her childhood. She did gymnastics. Based on the freshness of the shots, the quality of the shooting and the model’s mother, her age is no more than 25 years old.

Sasha Doni’s childhood photos Photo collage: Telegram channel YOBAJUR

Sasha Doni’s height is 180 cm. This was reported by Timur’s ex-wife. Shishkova supported Sasha Doni and left her an encouraging comment.

Secret photos of lovers in 2021 are massively posted in the news outlets. Timati and Sasha are resting in Greece and do not hide from prying eyes. So, a couple was filmed at dinner in a cafe and on an evening walk.

Later, better pictures of Timur and Alexandra appeared on the network. Fans are sure – the producer himself ordered a photo shoot for Doni’s promotion. She allegedly signed a contract with him to promote herself as a celebrity. The information was not confirmed.

Caring fans describe the Ukrainian model as follows:

“I didn’t look closely, but my legs are very long and tanned. But tow hair … ”, – wrote a user with the nickname Ekaterina.

Timati and Sasha Doni on a date in Greece Photo collage: Telegram channel YOBAJUR

Together with the surging glory, hate fell on Sasha Doni. The audience claims that she provides sex for money in 2021.

Information about Sasha Doni’s past from insiders Photo collage: Telegram channel YOBAJUR

Telegram channel YOBAJUR will publish letters from subscribers:

“Sasha Doni in Mykonos with his girlfriends. Works from $ 1000 per day. There is some guy who gives her gifts, flowers on a regular basis and is led to believe that she is decent. She communicates with Alina Bakulina, who works as an escort. “

Timati’s life path indicates that he is wary of women who have chosen a similar profession. Gossip about Alexander has no official confirmation. Information is based on guesswork.

Fans write that Timati and Sasha Doni met in Moscow Photo collage: Telegram channel “Only to anyone”

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak noticed a pattern – all Timati’s wives wear the same jewelry in the form of a cross. Sasha Doni is no exception. Followers believe that the performer transfers jewelry between lovers.

Alone to bring Sasha Donya, Nastya Reshetova and Alena Shishkova Photo collage: Telegram channel “Bloody Lady”

After the disclosure of Sasha Doni, Timur began to publish pictures with body parts, but not showing his face. His friend Djigan was outraged: “Do not cut off your head.” Star clip maker Pavel Khudyakov also joined: “I went to read the telegram”. It is obvious that Yunusov is doing a hype on a new girl and he succeeds. In 2021, half of the country is talking about him.

Timati created an extensive information field for discussions in 2021. As long as there are no statements from the rapper, viewers can only guess about his motives.

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