Jan 30, 2021
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Timati’s mother took the side of Anastasia Reshetova

Timati’s mother in a dispute sided with ex-daughter-in-law Anastasia Reshetova.

Timati's mother took the side of Anastasia Reshetova

In September of last year, it became famous that rapper Timati said goodbye to model Anastasia Reshetova. Many blamed the artist’s mother, Simona Yunusova, for this. However, the lovers categorically rejected these rumors.

And the other day, Timati posted a video on his individual Instagram account, in which he demonstrates that he is playing with his one-year-old son Ratmir. “The bug is stuck. Who do you look like more? “, – the artist asked the subscribers.

“I’m 100 percent,” Anastasia Reshetova was the first to respond. In the comments, the views of subscribers diverged. However, Simona Yunusova sided with her former daughter-in-law.

“Do not flatter yourself, your only nose, and all the other mercy from your mother!” – she wrote. Timati jokingly promised to block his mother and ex-lover.

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