Jan 10, 2022
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Timati teaches her two-year-old son to extreme


Rapper Timati teaches his son to surf.

Two-year-old Ratmir surprised the stellar parents. The son of 25-year-old Anastasia Reshetova and 38-year-old Timati managed to get up on the surf.

The hit singer “Don’t Go Crazy” is on vacation in Colombia. Timati took his children with him, Ratmir and Alice, whom he rarely sees because of work. The musician explained that the boy wanted a change of scenery, and he could not refuse him. The rapper looks happy next to the kids.

Timati walked with Ratmir along the beach. The artist appeared in a wetsuit, and the boy in a white T-shirt and shorts. A graduate of Star Factory-4 assured that he would teach the boy to surf. The rapper showed the first run of the young son of the First Vice-Miss of Russia-2014.

Ratmir with a serious face conquered the wave to the laughter of his sister. Alena Shishkova’s 7-year-old daughter already knows how to skate and was happy for the boy. Timati reacted touchingly to the success of his son. “The first ride in my life! The dream is to ride with the children, seeing off the sunsets in tropical waters, getting closer. It’s a pity there was no surfing in my childhood“, – said the musician.

Ratik had no choice “,” You are a cool dad for your children “,” Cool! It can be seen that at the second rental, he even corrected his balance“, – the fans rejoiced.

Timati’s mother is resting with her grandchildren. She noted that she really likes Colombia. “The climate is much better than the Moscow one. There are no differences – there is always the same temperature of air and water“, – explained Simona Yunusova. The pensioner assured that she loves her children and grandchildren equally, but her feelings are still different.

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