Apr 21, 2021
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Timati spoke about the addiction of a one-year-old son (video)


Rapper Timati drives a racing car with his one-year-old son Ratmir.

The artist on Instagram spoke about the main passion in the life of his one and a half year old son Ratmir. It turns out that the kid is just raving about cars.

Nothing interests Ratmir more than cars. A year and a half is his main passion. Therefore, we have already started training and even ordered a helmet, since they are simply not produced for this age. He promised his son to return this season to the world of super sports cars, so that he would have something to ride in the city together. Now I’m thinking, what would I take?“, Said Timati.

Cool. Here it is a happy childhood ”,“ You and Anastasia have a wonderful baby ”,“ What a sweetheart. Sits and looks “,” Now you need to open a children’s karting in order to bring such kids to you to ride“, – noted users in the comments.

Recall that the son of Ratmir was presented to Timati by the model Anastasia Reshetova. At the same time, the baby was not yet a year old when they decided to leave. For the sake of the child, they maintained good relations.

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