Oct 14, 2020
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Timati "put in place" criticizing him for his decision to become a hero "Bachelor"

A few days ago it became known that rapper Timati will become the new hero of "The Bachelor" on TNT, because of this, a wave of criticism from the stars fell on him. The musician responded sharply to "second-rate singers" on his Instagram.

For several days, not only fans, but also show business stars have been discussing the personal life, as well as the career of rapper Timati. Some representatives of the Russian stage did not like that the musician agreed to participate in the show "The Bachelor" on TNT a month after parting with the model Anastasia Reshetova.

The post criticizing the rapper with obscene words was published in one day by two singers at once: Rita Dakota and Slava. One of the celebrities did not like that Timati was broadcasting the wrong model of behavior to the younger generation, including towards women, and the second did not appreciate that the rapper agreed to PR and abandoned his beloved. This is exactly how Slava relates to the rapper's participation in the show.

"While mothers and all sorts of" second-rate "singers discuss the moral and ethical aspects of Timur Ildarovich's life in the comments, Ratmir Timurovich increasingly likes butterflies, white shirts and eating roses," Timati wrote in his account.

The rapper also noted that "nurses" may not worry about the younger generation, as modern youth begins to earn millions even before they turn 20.

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