Apr 20, 2021
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Timati published a video in which he rides with his son from Anastasia Reshetova on a sports car

17:12, 04/20/2021

The rapper showed how he spends time with Ratmir.

After breaking up with 25-year-old Anastasia Reshetova Timati continues to actively participate in the life of his one-year-old son from the model Ratmira… The 37-year-old rapper tries to spend as much free time with the baby as possible. So, today the musician went to ride with his son in sports cars. In his microblog on Instagram, Timati showed how he is having fun with a boy.

Timati noted that recently his son has become very interested in cars. The baby’s star father is trying in every possible way to support his son’s hobby. “Nothing interests Ratmir as much as cars. At a year and a half, this is his main passion. Therefore, we have already started training and even ordered a helmet, because they simply do not produce them for this age. I promised my son to return this season to the world of super-sports cars, so that there would be something to ride in the city together, now I think, what would I take? ” – shared the rapper (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given unchanged. – Prim. line.).

Timati with his son from Anastasia Reshetova

Recall that Timati and Reshetova broke up in September last year after six years together. About ending a relationship the model told in his microblog on Instagram. The star noted that she broke up with the rapper amicably. Moreover, Anastasia said that she was grateful to the ex-lover for the time spent together and the experience gained. The star also promised to raise their common son in love and respect for his father. Reshetova and Timati still spend time with Ratmir’s company. The former couple even rested together in Dubai at the beginning of January.

By the way, close communication between Timati and Anastasia after their separation provokes rumors about a possible reunion of stars in the future. However, Reshetova herself has repeatedly stated that she is not going to return to the rapper. The model also noted that she sees its advantages in ending the relationship with the musician. According to Anastasia, during an affair with Timati, she lacked freedom. In addition, Reshetova does not suffer from a lack of male attention now – this month the star admitted that at the moment communicates with a potential new lover… True, the model’s boyfriend lives in Europe, and the distance greatly inhibits the development of their relationship.

Anastasia Reshetova and Timati with her son

It is worth adding that after parting with Timati, public and media interest in Anastasia’s personal life increased. This week, Reshetova complained that now rumors about her new novels appear regularly. The model was especially outraged by the information spread by a number of news outlets that she is currently dating a certain married businessman. The star commented on this assumption, noting that she considers this kind of relationship unacceptable. Anastasia stressed that she would not put her reputation in jeopardy for the sake of a dubious affair.

As for Timati, it is much easier to follow the changes in his personal life. Just a month after the rapper broke up with Reshetova, it became known that the musician would become the new hero of a romantic reality show. “Bachelor”… On March 14, the premiere of the first issue of the eighth season of the program took place on the TNT channel. The program continues to air every week and it is not yet known who will eventually become the owner of the coveted ring. Despite this, rumors that Timati had declassified the identity of his favorite in advance, began to walk even after the opening episode was shown. The fact is that soon after the premiere, the rapper went to rest to the Maldives with Maria Weber, who is one of the participants in the reality show.

Maria Weber in the Maldives

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